Men’s conference 2020

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Men need to learn a thing or two about menstruation. during the past week there was a conference about menstruation with about 16 panelists some of whom were men. Now that seemed insignificant until they had an all-male funnel panel and the feminist world went berserk. At first I ignored until I couldn’t I shared the concerns of the feminist but unlike them I did not jump into conclusions I first did my due diligence and let myself here the conference is side of the stor.

I was right note to nose dive into any conclusion, because as it turns out there was a reason why there was an all-male panel on a subject that is inherently feminine. Menstruation has always been hot largely to be a family and concern and taboo for men. It opened my eyes to realities that have never brought myself to imagine. Now I know better and my perception is obviously different.

True, the menstrual cycle is a problem I prefer issue because it only becomes a problem when not well taken care of. It is time we as men who have sisters mothers daughters and wives affected by this phenomena to keep ourselves alive to the circumstances just as much as women. We need to be part of the solution not the problem. Just a few months ago news of a primary school girl who had committed suicide hit the media waves as if the news of the death was not disheartening enough, we later learnt that the trigger to her suicidal thoughts was her teacher

Even worse, the female teacher had ridiculed her and embarassed her before her entire class for having stained her uniform with mense. This just highlights just how much more desperately we need to be sensitised about menstruation as a society. Particularly in African traditional and contemporary settings, it is considered such a taboo topic for men. In fact when adolescent girls were being taught about these things, the boys were deliberately left out. It is no surprise that we grew up so clueless. Our cultural dispensation and sometimes religion consider menstruating women as unclean and incapable of handling normal simple tasks such as praying and fasting.

Some men are still embarrassed to walk the aisle in the supermarket, let alone buy sanitary pads for their significant others. The only thing that should be embarrassing such men is the gorcking sense of toxic masculinity. Honestly if I could, every once in a while, I would, but I am not God, am I? The same thing to do in these circumstances is to be caring, patient and understanding. Earlier this year, there was a labour and menstrual cramps simulation machine and my adult sound mind betrayed me into trying it out. The pain levels in each scale went up to 10 but I passed out when the pain indicator struck 5. . I can only imagine what our sisters and mother’s have to endure when it surpasses five and still have to go to work. I’d suggest a two day off holiday every month to deal with menstruation for women, but I am not a boss either, am I?

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