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Meet The First Woman Speaker In the USA, Nancy Patricia Pelosi

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Nancy Patricia Pelosi is ringed by bodyguards as she goes to work.

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By Eric Ochanji

Always fascinated by this woman. Not your ordinary granny. At 80 years, you would think her life has started all over again. Strong, decisive, towering, intimidating, the only woman at the table.

Third in line to the US presidency, Nancy Pelosi is the first woman Speaker of the United States. There has never been another. She has been elected to the house of representatives for 33 years. She gave her her husband 5 children in only 6 years. She made an overbearing President run crazy for 4 years.

At 80, she holds America by the balls. Which granny does that? The first woman to impeach a president twice. While in office and followed him out of office. At the height of Trump’s excesses and in the dying months of his administration, Pelosi wrote to all military chiefs of the United States and told them not obey any unlawful orders from the President. And strangely, they accepted.

But most of all, Nancy Pelosi made history in February 2018 for the longest continuous speech ever given. Wearing those 4 inch high heel shoes you see down there, Nancy spoke at the house of representatives for 8 hours, 5 minutes. Non stop. At 78 years. She didn’t go to the toilet, didn’t do anything. She just talked from morning till night. Who else do you know who has achieved such feat? Only the late Cuban strongman Fidel Castro comes close.

Not your ordinary granny.

In Kenya l see several 80 year old men serving. Where are the grannies? Are Kenyan women giving up so early? We need you to hold this country by the balls.

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