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Meet one of the biggest beneficiaries of the NYS rip-off

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(Evans Wafula Kundu, one of the faces of NYS scam)

The tough economic times Kenyans are facing today are partly because of the NYS theft where NYS suppliers were paid for goods that were not supllied.

With over sh500 million in cash and property from the proceeds of NYS scam, Mr Evans Wafula Kundu, his wife Sylvia Ajiambo Onguru, daughter Ms Millicent Matingi Kundu were set to enjoy the fine things under this tough economy before detectives nabbed them.

“Our investigations established that the said illicit funds for the purchase of the assets were from the NYS suppliers who were paid by NYS for goods not supplied,” agency said

Evans Wafula Kundu the head of Mechanical and Transport Branch (MTB) at the NYS headquarters in Ruaraka, has been identified by an agency as the man who signed most of the fraudulent Local Purchase Orders (LPOs), a number of fraudulent payment vouchers and procured goods not used or required by the MTB.

This alone earned him Sh197,391,968  between 2013 and 2017, a period he was only earning between Sh9,564 and Sh26,300.

Other than that, the NYS senior cartel received Sh9.7 million from Amagoro Traders, another supplier to NYS and another Sh3.9 million from Kevas Investment, a company that made supplies to NYS in 2013.

The now richer NYS Boss bought a house in Runda through his daughter Millicent Matingi at a cost of Sh90 million in 2016. The property ownership was immediately changed to Matingi’s company, Mojisola Ltd.

Because money was no longer a problem to the Kundu’s, his daughter Matingi, purchased yet another plot worth Sh25 million in Nakuru town from Mr John Wachira.

The Kundu’s were wise enough and to demonstrate this, they were using NYS ‘suppliers’ to pay for the purchase of property on their behalf.

Money pouring to Kundu’s

Monies deposited to Kundu’s accounts were in batches of Sh999,000, to beat the Central Bank of Kenya prudential guidelines.

β€œHe would deposit the amounts in small tranches ranging from Sh150,000 to Sh8 million. He however became clever at some points and started depositing a standard figure of Sh999,000 everyday to avoid raising suspicion,” a Mr Musyoki who is involved in his case said.

Kundu would later use the names of his wife and daughter to purchase property, and also colluded with his two brothers to register companies that were in turn awarded NYS contracts and paid Sh17 million without supplying anything.

He helped his brother Bonventure Waswa to incorporate Amagoro Traders Ltd and Kevans Investments and went ahead to award him contracts worth Sh17 million even for supplying nothing.

Between January 2013 and September 2017, an analysis of his Barclays Bank Account in Ruaraka by agencies revealed that he deposited a total of Sh161 million in cash and a further Sh37 million in the bank branch in Nakuru.

Other property bought by NYS scam include a land in Kasarani worth Sh16 million, another plot in Nakuru, a four-storey residential building in Njoro and 40-acres of land in Trans Nzoia town, two plots in Kitale he bought at Sh16 million, another land in Nairobi valued at Sh6 million, a property worth sh350million, a lorry and his palatial home in Trans Nzoia. ARA are keen on recovering all these properties.

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