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Mchepu taking Online Classified Ad Space by a Storm

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The digital space is one of the ever growing sectors with limitless potential. Businesses have not been left behind with new and ever improving e-commerce opportunities. Kenya too has not been left behalf and in this modern global trend. Online retailing and online classifieds are the order of the day. One such company is Mchepu.com.

Who are Mchepu.com?

Mchepu.com is a new player in the online classifieds world. It was launched in February 2019 and has since taken the classifieds space by a storm. It is a subsidiary of Mexxus Holdings which also owns other websites like Bookleys, a platform linking home owners to people seeking temporary accommodation, and Hoodkenya, a platform for sellers and buyers of apartments, rentals and other houses.

Mchepu.com has cut a niche for itself in the online classifieds space as a platform that allow sellers to meet in a safe online environment to conduct transactions. In deed, security is what sets it apart from other players. The platform provides security checks to avoid frauds and scammers that have rocked other players. Mchepu.com targets small and medium enterprises and offers them a free space for classified Ads for their businesses tailored to create awareness and boost sales.

Why You Should Consider Listing With Mchepu.com

Mchepu.com is 100% designed, owned and run by Kenyans. As such, it has a sales team on stand by to visit and help sellers post their Ads right from their premises. It also has a dedicated quick response team that deals with and offer help whenever cases of fraud or scammers are reported.
This technical support does not end there. The platform assigns each seller and buyer an account manager who specializes in their welfare to ensure a smooth online experience.

Mchepu.com has strong anti-fraud policy with sophisticated system checks. It thus offers a safe platform for both buyers and sellers. The platform also rates and constantly reviews sellers and buyers to create confidence among members of the community during transactions.

Mchepu.com offers the most affordable rates currently in the market. Sellers who decide to place premium Ads are assured of the highest return on investment.

Commitment to be better

These, among other unique features, have made Mchepu.com to stand out within a short period of time. Its ratings continue to rise with those using the platform particularly impressed with the customised services as well as security features. The ownership have committed to maintain the high standards and continually improve.

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