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MCA asks Awiti to crack whip in Homa Bay

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(Governor Cyprian Awiti with CEC Finance Nicholas Koriko)

Just a day after President Uhuru cracked the whip by Mwangi Kiunjuri from his cabinet on the account that Mr Kiunjuri was not helping him in his big four agenda, a former Kibiri ward MCA in Homa Bay county Mr Kennedy Ondiek has asked Governor Cyprian Awiti to follow suit in order to protect his legacy.

“Let me ask you, my friend Gvn Cyprian Awiti (I have asked this privately so many times, let me ask it publicly today); you are well aware, as the necked truth, that your CEC member for Finance and Economic Planning is seriously putting your legacy at a great risk (you complain in private on weekly basis), his incopetence and misconduct have highly affected the respect people had for you, he has adversely interfered with payment of salaries, workers could not even have money to celebrate the holidays neither have they received salaries to even pay school fees, officials are accompanying you to Kakamega without allowences, even your allowences have not been paid, your Exellency, and cannot be paid just because of this one incompetent individual, Nicholas Obuya Koriko, why can’t you, for once, act like a Governor?” MCA Ondiek asked.

“It is a trite that our county is not doing well in development, payment of contractors and even collection and management of revenue, all under his watch. Departments are starved of recurrent expenditure, your own office has no money to even run your own activities. Workers invthe department have all deserted him because, no one wants to follow his instructios anymore.” He went on to explain.

Tough questions

Mr Ondiek is asking the seemingly besieged governor the possible consequences of firing the said CEC member who has been allegedly sabotaging his service delivery to the electorates.

“What will happen to you just because you take action to fire Koriko? Is he a demigod that you must just worship for nothing? Is he the only person in Homa Bay, or in your knowledge, who can hold this position?” He asked.

According to Ondiek, the County Treasury received money two weeks ago but payment of salary that should be happening two days after the receipt of the money has not been done.

“What has Koriko done to you, your Excellency, what is it that you guys share in common? Is it some loot? Could it be women or could it be that the two of you are just sharing ‘incompetence’? Who is fooling who here?” He asked

“With this level of incompetence in Koriko sandwiched in your inaction, NO one will ever believe in your competence as a person. I am asking you, Your Exellency, don’t make everybody see all of us as failures in chosing to stand by you, act now for the greater good of the greatest population of Homa Bay County residents. Let Koriko give you space to work, act please, crack the whip.” He recommends.

He went on, “You (and ofcourse all of us) also need your legacy just like Uhuru too is shaping up his legacy. Remember, your failure is not yours alone, we will all be judged with you including ODM Party and even our Party Leader because am sure, you are aware of all that was done to see you through into this Second Term and you are also aware of the promises you made both publicly and privately to the people and your closest of alliesand the party too. Be serious for once, Your Exellency, do the right thing for the sake of ‘us’ even if you don’t care about your own respect and honour.”

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