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Manhunt For Hooligans Causing Chaos And Confusion In Kisumu Begin

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Kisumu county manhunting those causing confusion in city

Kisumu county manhunting those causing confusion and mayhem in the city

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Police in Kisumu, backed by traders and members of the public are currently hunting for a group of goons who stormed the ODM office in Kisumu to disrupt a planned press conference by traders.

The Traders’ had organized the Press Conference to condemn a group of goons who are being used to cause chaos and confusion in the city.

On Sunday, the goons moving under the cover of darkness while impersonating County Government officials illegally marked buildings allegedly for demolition and later blaming it on City Hall Management.

Today, the hooligans met their match when they tried to disrupt the meeting using stones and crude weapons. They took to their heels after the Traders’ repulsed them. Police moved in and launched a massive manhunt for the group and their leader.

“These hooligans are being used by a clique of politicians opposed to the transformation of the City. They must be driven out of town. They have been paid to disrupt the smooth allocation of stalls at the new Maendeleo Market,” said a trader, Martin ouko.

Fake Markings by hooligans

By 1.15 pm, police were still hunting the hooligans with a large group of traders in tow.
Kisumu Acting City Manager Abala Wanga on Monday issued a warning over the gang which he said had been hired to cause chaos.

Public notice by City manager

“They have been moving at night putting fake X markings on houses and claiming they were county officials.” Said Abala.

Fake markings

The leader of the gang is said to be linked to some politicians who have been inciting small scale traders and youths due to be settled at the Maendeleo Market and the 10000 capacity Uhuru Business Park.

Speaking after the incident, Kisumu traders through their representatives, said they were happy with the efforts being made by the County Government to resettle them.

Police said they have received useful information on the incident and will arrest those funding the gang.