Lost Job due to Covid-19? Here are Five ways to Bounce Back Better

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By Alex Kimutai

The disruption as a result of COVID 19 pandemic is real and many Kenyans have been affected directly by this pandemic from job losses, unpaid leaves and loss of revenue by the businesses. The disruption goes beyond the victims to dependents as well.

These disruptions are affected thousands even outside our borders. We should however not allow these disruptions dampen our resolve to be better and well skilled professionals because we still have a life to live after pandemic and this is the right time to adequately prepare.

There are key lessons out of this pandemic ranging from prudent financial management, reconnecting us with reality, knowing the true friends to doing away with unnecessary lifestyle traits. We should be wiser the net time our normal lives are back however long it takes. The best time to re-strategize, rebuild and nurture our ambitions is now and here’s how;

• Pick up a skill or better one you have
We are privileged to be living I the era where we can acquire skills and knowledge quite easily through the internet. We have thousands of materials, videos and all manner of materials that can richly make us better and improve our skills. Pick that skill you have wished to learn and allocate adequate time for it to fully grasp. From graphic design, cyber security, web development, grammar, geopolitics, international relations are some of hundreds of fields you can venture and emerge out of pandemic much better and knowledgeable with 21st century skills.

• Consult from the best
There are normally those who you look up to and seek to be better in your career. They may be much experienced and seasoned in the same field as you and you seek to learn a thing or two. These are mentors who can help you shape your perspective in life, career and professionalism. Life is a continuous learning experience and learning from the seniors is even a better way to go about it. Seek their help and constantly ask questions.

• Fight off Stereotypes
Through the professional life you may have had different experience and learnt from people from far and wide and therefore you are exposed to just more than your profession. This is 21st century and we are being disrupted by technology and pandemic. May be embrace technology well if you had had your doubts about it, aspire to fight off stereotypes. There are fields that are generally considered feminine or masculine by the society but are not necessarily factual. Expand your scope as long as you have the wherewithal to learn and be better in it.

• Embrace creative thinking and innovation
Our thinking should be in line to how the world is heading to. We are staring at redundancies necessitated by technology change and rethinking how careers and changing them is essential. We may not change the disruption but we may readjust our goals to be in line with the said disruptions. Agribusiness could come in here as we may use current innovations to improve our produce and reap from it.

• Seek government grants, loans
Our finances may have depleted by longevity of the pandemic and to finance our dreams and ambitions after pandemic may be a long shot. The government have agencies that are charged with offering loans. Youth enterprise Fund, Agricultural Finance Corporation loan and Uwezo loans could be the best starting point with reasonable repayment plans. These may prove worthy idea as the funding has always proven to be challenge many people especially the youth grapple with.

In conclusion better days are coming even after the pandemic and only us are the ones who can make it better. Launching a better comeback after pandemic depends entirely on individuals thinking and what we should not victim of is thinking things will remain the same. May be for some but certainly not for everyone therefore take this five steps, pick one or two and certainly you will be better when all is over

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