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Losing millions in a span of one day; Rose Musanda loses a fleet of buses within 24hours due to ties with illegal narcotics trade

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There is a certain emotion associated with losing money. The feeling sits somewhere amidst despair, agony and restlessness. Ever lost a fifty-shilling note while in campus? Especially in the middle of the month? You rummage your suitcase/closet, empty your pockets, accuse your roommates, bend on all fours and shove all your shoes to one side, check the bathroom, hover over the toilet bowl; your mind knows the fifty-shilling note is nowhere near your sufuria but you can’t help but check whether it might have crawled in there! You wind up plopping on your bed, tired and defeated, angry at yourself for not locating it. The ironical thing about this whole situation is that you usually have a one-thousand shilling note in your possession but you cannot accept the fact that you lost this fifty-shilling note.

You didn’t exploit its value, and you hate that you didn’t. More often than note you locate your fifty shillings after a day or two in a place where you actually scouted for it. You were just too distressed to see it but now that you have, you feel like you are Jack standing on the ‘Titanic’ railings yelling “I’m the king of the world!” The sad part is that you won’t last an hour with the fifty-shilling note in your possession. With a temptress like ‘smokie pasua’, it’s next to impossible to save that money.

On September 21st, Rose Musanda lost more than a fifty-shilling note. This Nairobi business lady was taken to the High Court where the no nonsense Judge Mumbi ordered her to relinquish her fleet of five buses and her personal vehicle; a Toyota Axio Saloon car.

Rose was instructed by the court to surrender these assets to the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA). After Judge Mumbi had gone through the evidence presented in front of her, Rose had held her breath as she watched the judge reach out for her gavel. The judge proceeded to inform the court that there was, in fact, enough tangible evidence to prove that Rose had acquired her properties through illegal means. Before ramming the gavel, Judge Mumbi told the court that the distraught lady had failed to disclose a legal source of where she had gotten her wealth from.

Let’s see just how much loss Rose suffered in a matter of hours and why.

The verdict

Judge Mumbi gave a eye widening ruling against Rose Muhande. The business lady was instructed to give up her assets worth 1.7 million. Apparently, one account in the ARA would receive sh1,462,963 from Rose while another would acquire sh325,712. Yes, that is a gigantic amount compared to a mere fifty-shilling note.

This harsh verdict was arrived at after the persecution tied her with drug trafficking. In June, Rose and her daughters together with one son-in-law got arrested in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. They were charged with attempting to get into the country with illegal drugs.

Rose stood up for herself saying that she had gained her wealth through selling a land in Kakamega county. She mentioned that she had inherited a whopping sh500,000 from her late husband. She also brought up her other businesses (mitumba and matatu) which had helped augment her bus transportation business.

Her defense pleas fell on deaf ears, Rose had to give up her lucrative business and her own personal car.

It might be gut wrenching to lose a fifty-shilling note but it can’t be as painful as losing 1.7 million in a span of 24 hours.

Even El Chapo met a gory end.

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