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List of ODM preferred candidates condemned

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List of ODM preferred candidates condemned

ODM party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna

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A day after a controversial list of ODM party preferred candidates in the fourth coming general elections emerged, a section of leaders have come out to refute the reports.

Central Alego MCA Leonard Oriaro has termed the report as mischievous ways the sitting governor, Cornel Rasanga wants to employ in ensuring he is elected as the next Alego Usonga legislator.

Speaking at his office in Siaya today, he called on the ODM party to act decisively on the matter and find out the motive behind the reports.

He said the reports were likely to impact negatively on the ongoing voter registration unless the party leadership came out strongly to assure the public that democracy will be allowed to prevail.

“The people who talked to the media regarding this are Rasanga’s cronies; Oloo Okanda who is the former ODM chair Siaya County, and Austin Makamu are all the ghost workers in County government, they earn yet they do nothing,”

said Mr Oriaro.

He added, “We are struggling to maximise on the people registering as voters yet Rasanga is busy using the ODM party officials for his political relevance. The ODM party therefore must stretch her long hands and whip Rasanga for all these.”

According to the reports, ODM party which so far enjoys political hegemony in Siaya County, James Orengo is alleged to be the preferred candidate for the gubernatorial seat, Otiende Amolo is to battle to retain his seat in Rarieda, Cornel Rasanga (Alego Usonga), Opiyo Wandayi, who announced that he won’t contest the gubernatorial seat, to retain Ugunja while Oburu Odinga would seek the senatorial seat.

Orengo has since distanced himself from the alleged list, adding that he could not be party to a non democratic process.

Orengo said he was yet to declare his interest in the gubernatorial seat or any other during the 2022 general election.