Let’s Talk About Shoes

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My girls and I were having a discussion the other day. We were arguing about the first thing one notices about the opposite gender. My friend, Mary, said she’ll first notice the cologne if he’s wearing any that is.

Another said she looks at the belt. Is it leather? What brand it is and so on. Majority agreed that the shoes definitely make him more admirable.

Most people invest in good clothes and forget about their feet. I mean the feet are the last quarter of the body why would anyone pay attention to that? Hunny you need to change that mindset.

“But men’s shoes are so expensive, but two pairs of shoes are enough for me, but my feet are big I have a problem finding my size (boy child problems), but this but that but everything you think is an excuse of not investing in good shoes.” You need to stop that and up your shoe game.

So how many pairs of shoes should one have? Must they be expensive? Should I wear brands only? What type of shoes attract the opposite gender? How do I maintain the quality of my shoes? What colours should I buy? What types of shoes are harmful to my health?

There is no limitation to the number of shoes you should have. If you want it and you have the money, get it. No they must not be expensive depending with your financial status and preference go for a pair you can afford.

Most shoes are from different brands but that doesn’t mean you wear brands only. There are lots of shoes companies that imitate the huge brands making slight changes so be careful with that too. Trust me you don’t want to wear balencigaga or balencihaga instead of balenciaga or adidos, andindas, adindas instead of Adidas.

There isn’t a particular type of shoe that attracts a particular gender though research has it that most men prefer their women in heels. Again different people have different preferences. So don’t worry yourself with that. Be you.

It is important that you ensure the shoe you buy is of the right size and quality. It would be a complete waste of money if you bought an expensive shoe only for you to find it’s smaller (there is always the option of donating though) or wear it for a week and it’s completely out of shape. Take your time. Fit it. Try walk in it. Lift your leg to figure out how light it is. Consider factors like where you would wear it and what you would wear it with. This details will prevent you from making shoe purchase mistakes. 

Two years ago, I bought a pair of pink block heels. I have no idea why I bought them in the first place but I did. I have never worn them anywhere.  They are still on my shoe rack because none of my friends will have them. Once I start decluttering they’ll be the first to go. 

For the women, constant wearing of heels is harmful for your general health. Opt for wedged heels instead of stilettos since they offer much more stability. Let’s face it; heels are more fancy, I love them too. There is something about them that shouts elegance and sophistication. 

About maintaining shoe quality make sure they are clean and you give them the attention they need. 

While buying shoes the colour of the shoe is one of the consideration. Go for black, white brown or red if you don’t have many pairs. They will come in handy. 


~The world’s at your feet so make sure you’re wearing great shoes. 

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