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Ladies, It’s Time To Shoot Your Shot. This Kenyan Lady Shows You How (VIDEO)

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UPDATE Monday July 6; 9.04pm: Twitter user Jike Jeuri, @izktcm shared her experiences of the date with @antonymurithi4 ,describing the events that transpired.

This comes weeks after she gave him a call asking her out on a date.

Watch the full video below:

For a very long time men have been the ones who take the first step in courting a girl. A man is the first to ask a woman out, to propose, to lead the interaction, to provide…simply, to take the initiative. And that is a rule that should remain amongst every man.

For years that has been the mantra. However the ladies are changing things up…or at least one of them is via Twitter.

A Twitter user by the name name Jike Jeuri, @izktcm, shared a video as she gave a call to @antonymurithi4 who she wanted to take on a date.
She was nervous as she dialed the call and even after the man had answered, she could not get herself to ask him out, at first. The two initially flattered each other, laughing at their silly jokes as they displayed undeniable chemistry in a YouTube video they did prior.

“So, I have something to tell you. Listen, Do you want to go on a date with me?” she finally popped the question.

“Please repeat one last time,” the guy cheekily said just to get a chance to hear the question again, representing the very few occasions ladies get to ask guys they like our out on a date.

She repeated the question. Like a guy caught pants down by such a bold move, he accepted and boy was that girl over the moon.
This sent other Twitter users to a frenzy but many quipped it as being expected owing to the chemistry the two had shared over the phone and outside.

Does it cost anything for ladies to ask out men on a date? It is a move that many of us have been waiting for years to happen owing to the presumed shift in gender power amd ladies being more vocal than ever before. If they can campaign voraciously for equality, surely they can ask a guy out…
…but there is a catch!

Unfortunately ladies don’t just ask guys out anyhow. They rely on the chemistry created by the man. Again, the man takes the initiative. To reach that point she values you as the prize so much that she must ask you out, you have to view yourself as the prize. Focus on yourself: go to the gym, improve your talents, get a reliable source of income, grow your confidence by approaching more ladies and more challenges that scare the living lights out of you typically…such!

It’s a song we’ve sung to men all too willing to drop their lives for a fleeting rose for many weeks now, and it might be the last time we sing it.
As for the ladies, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t going away very soon. With over 5,000 cases now reported and indications that the country is yet to reach its peak, it seems like its now or never. As from my experience, ladies don’t take rejection too kindly. I’m sure she was shaking inside when the guy began hesitating but he eventually said yes.

254 News later reached out to the lady in question and this is what she had to say,

“I was super nervous of course because I didn’t know what to expect but it worked out in the end. And I am excited for the date” she said.

Shoot your shot ladies. And everyone in general. I’m sure they now have that backup Liverpool keeper in goal. No deaths have been reported from companies turning down job seekers who applied to work for them. Same goes for this scenario.

Strikers in a Premier League match must take their shots even if they are likely to miss. Shoot that shot. It will either miss or end up at the back of the net.

Let’s indulge in the reactions of Twitter users following the Kenyan lady’s act of bravery below:


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