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KPA MD Daniel Manduku’s Ksh2.8 Billion ‘War Chest’

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(KPA MD Dr Daniel Manduku)

It’s now emerging that Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director Daniel Manduku’s problem stems from greed a source has whispered to 254News

The whisperer adds that Dr Manduku used to eat everything or large amounts of money from the questionable tenders alone.

Another source told 254News that MD Daniel Manduku swindled Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho before playing with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mind.

On the Kisumu Port which has landed the KPA MD on hot soup, 254News has established that instead of Dr Manduku constructing a good pier for ships landing worth sh300 million, Manduku went on to allegedly pocket more than sh200 million and ended up constructing a weak structure for only sh10 million.

Remember, this is the same man who ensured a total of 13 companies contracted by KPA to construct 1380 barriers at a cost of Ksh109,305,739 per company. The barriers which normally cost Ksh10,281 per piece were priced at Ksh79,193 per piece. A total of Ksh1.4 billion was lost in this concrete barrier scam.

Dr Manduku has been saved from the ravenous fangs of the DCI, EACC and other authorities because in the swindling of others, he has reportedly managed to stash away Ksh2.8 billion in different accounts. Greed of the highest order!

The predators have left him to enjoy the outside world so that he can pay bribes till his money is ‘depleted’ then they pounce on him.

He has tried to stop his prosecution, investigation by DCI, EACC, DPP, and even the media from unearthing his iniquities.

At one point it was reported that, when things were hot and investigators were chasing after him, he had sought the ears of both opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, in vain. Both leaders made themselves unavailable for him.

Sources say bribe from Manduku doesn’t come below Ksh100 million.
“DCI, EACC detectives wanakula kukula [are really eating]” a source was heard saying.

There is no prominent family in Kenya that has not been roped into the scandals at the KPA.

It’s also alleged that Dr Manduku awarded the Johos firm Autoport Freight Terminals Limited preferential tender for cargo transportation using SGR.

Jaffer family (owners of the Grainbulk Handlers Limited – GBHL) also received a share of the Ksh1.2 billion conveyor belt system installation tender at the port.

The latest being Mitchell Cotts and Inland Container Terminal (NICT) firms that are reportedly associated with Senator Gideon Moi, James Philip Maina Ndegwa, Saitoti, Kulei and Nyachae families.

Dr Manduku who recently hired top and well-connected lawyers such as Senator James Orengo, is continuously investing as if he is not being probed over any scandal. Recently he bought a resident apartment, formerly Apua, in Ongata Rongai, Umoja Road at only Ksh85 million. The apartment is currently run by his younger brother Yusuf Maraga through a house agency called Yellow House Properties.

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