KOT Tear News Anchor to Shreds, revisits her past

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When Yvonne Okwara took her emotional outburst about the reactions of Kenyans on the covid-19 survivor Brenda too far on Citizen TV’s news gang programme, she didn’t know she was booking her appointment with Twitter users.

Emotional Yvonne Okwara removed her feminist card and waded a war that eventually left her wounded, her past revisited and instead of Brenda suffering the trauma caused by social media outbursts, the heat has now been turned to her.

News Gang programme is one of the citizen TV programmes where the senior editors at the station normally come out to offer their unsolicited pieces that’s often done in the most archaic manner. They often pose as professionals in all the fields and the mother of all ideas. Their aim is to chide whoever comes their way.

It shocked Twitter users when Yvonne sided with Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe on the need to prosecute social media users for some of the things they say and that at some point people on social media have to be accountable.

When she removed her feminist card, the twitter users could not take it any more. These were her words, “This is also proportionally targeted on women, you are not hearing all these vile things being said about Brian, all these are being said about Brenda because she is a woman”

The graduate of BSc Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology did not know that she opened the lid of a pandora box which all her past recorded at the top.

In reactions to her statement;

Bravin Yuri said, “I never saw Yvonne Okwara complaining when Governor Lonyangapuo’s Nudes were leaked, When Sonko’s Nudes were dropped , when Blaze’s Nudes were spread & so many other men. Women in kenyan have mastered the art of double standards. If you want to rebuke evil, do so without bias!🙄”

Lord Mutahi said, “Yvonne Okwara is crossing the red line. Her talk last night smells of a TOXIC FEMINIST hiding behind a skin of objectivity and occasionally sneaks out to embarrass her. I don’t condone cyberbullying, but I won’t allow anyone to play the gender card. SPEAK for both.”

Adding, “I strongly disagree with Yvonne Okwara. Your statement is not objective. It is emotional and stinks to high heavens. Speaking of which where was your voice when your fellow women stripped a MAN (Lonyangapuo) naked and shared his nude photos? This is toxic”

Robert Alai replied Mutai’s tweet saying, “Kind of shallow and idiotic take from Okwara. So shallow, you wonder if Corona ate the brain. Nudes of men were online juzi. She suddenly has selective amnesia over that.”

One user, Davido, even went on to revisit her matrimonial matters;

“Yvonne Okwara exchanged vows wth her husband Andrew Matole in Dec 2014 Her wedding was shrouded in secrecy and pple speculated it was bcoz of the other woman.Matole was previously married to one Alice Manyola and thy have 3children together.Andrew is 16 years older than Yvonne”

@HalfKamba said, “She Incase you didnt know: Yvonne Okwara Matole. The Citizen TV reporter is married to Andrew Matole. Andrew was initially married to one Alice Manyola Matole sometime back and they have three children, Linda, Faith and Emmanuel.”

An article done by Kahawa Tungu blog five years ago stated that “Yvonne Okwara had to change her wedding venue three times fearing Andrew Matole’s wife and lover”

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