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K’Osewe Ranalo restaurant exposed for harbouring thieves that steal valuables from customers

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K’Osewe Ranalo Foods, a restaurant known for tantalising fish and other traditional dishes has been a household name for clients from all walks of life who love authentic food either in Nairobi or Kisumu where its branches exists.

The only negative story that has ever come from the restaurant was when the owner William Osewe was shot three times in the rib cage and once in the arm by Tom Oywa Mboya after they allegedly got into an argument over a woman. The incident happened at Hagon Hotel off Thika Super Highway. Though the wound has dried but the effect of the bullet left him limping to date.

It was until Wednesday, January 1, 2020 when a customer’s story opened the wounds of several others who have suffered in silence.

It took courage for a seemingly pissed off Hezron Omondi Omollo, a frequent customer at the joint, to jot down his experience at the popular restaurant along the busy Kimathi Street in Nairobi and is sandwiched between KFC and Nation Center. Here is the story;

“Yesterday me and a colleague of mine left work at around 5PM, since we had not taken lunch we decided to have a chat over late lunch, we both agreed that we needed some authentic food and since we were in town, Kosewe was the place we decided to be despite their deteriorating quality of food, we were willing to compromise the quality. So we went to Kosewe.

We both ordered food and while we were seated there, at the round tables in between the main restaurant and the bar (for those who are familiar with the place) I called a waiter and decided to order a glass of juice and a bottle of soda for my colleague to water it down. When our time was up, since my colleague was on night duty (ni daktari) I decided to pay for food and leave, which I used my mpesa in my new Samsung phone to pay. I had two phones.

We decided to finish our drinks and 10 minutes later decided to leave. At that point, my phone was missing. None of us had left the table after paying the bill, on the other hand 3 kosewe staff came to our table, the waiter we paid the bill to who also removed our plates, the one who cleaned the table and the one who cleaned the floor.

In retrospect, while paying the bill, the waiter was standing behind me when I withdrew money from my bank account to Mpesa then later paid. Both from which the Kosewe thieves stole money.

I reported to the supervisor Patrick who went to call the manager who refused to leave the kitchen as if he knew what was going on. After about six attempts, my colleague was getting restless, being on call in maternity, daktari didn’t want to be late so I went and complained to the boss, the guy in the picture, vile aliniongelesha, nikafikiria that judging na size ya mwili yake, there could have been no room for brain in his body.

After quarrels and drama, he lied that he is going to check the CCTV, he came and lied that the dude with password wasn’t around and so I waited further, later on , after about 2 hours he told me that the CCTV wasn’t working. Of course after locking himself in CCTV room for 30 minutes.

Few possibilities, the dude had known that his own staff had stolen the money and did not want to expose him after viewing the CCTV, so the place is staffed with a bunch of criminals. Or the CCTV are there for cosmetics and nothing at all to show, putting everyone else at risk since you can be poisoned, robbed, stolen from etc without anyone knowing or without evidence.

Kosewe is both health and security risk as any waiter can do anything to your food without being caught on camera. Everyone around looked suspicious just as the dude in the picture as he was hiding his face was.

Kosewe has too many thieves and they are protecting them.

Buyer be aware, I learnt that hard way, my bank account is screaming as well as my mshwari but I will get them.”

This is not the first incident, so many are complaining and nothing has been done about the niggling and poor customer service.

One Joe Mbu, lost his expensive Jacket that he forgot in his seat. “It was a hot afternoon, went there removed my Jacket and had my ugali n fish. Later left in hurry and forgot my Jacket. Remembered 30min later. Since I was just at Tom mboya, decided to go back to collect it. On the table I was seated there was none even my Jacket. Inquired from the waiter that had served me, she said that she never saw any Jacket. Went to the superviser and asked for the CCTV footage, he ignored me. I berated them then left. Kosewe is RESTAURANT OF THIEVES!” He explained.

For Marlone, “Kosewe is notorious for this.
That’s why I stopped eating there.
For me, I won’t judge you coz I’ve been a victim and the fat guy just locks himself huko ndani once an incident occurs.”

Otieno Mcodhiambo says, “Kosewe is a hide-out of thieves! The hotel manager is the ring leader…you can deny that a hundred times but it is so clear and we the cliets have our own experiences with the place and the staffers”

For Mo Raa, she will never step in there as her complaint wasn’t handled well, “Pauline and other staff harassed me a month a go at their Upper Hill kiosk after finding a huge junk of supa brite (aluminium scrubber) inside my food. I will never step in K’osewe.”

Sammy Junior says, he was once abused by a waitress for asking for another glass of water after the one he was served with had a smell of alcohol and he is a teetotaller;

“Just last month I was abused by the waitress just because I complained about the glass of water that I was served with was full of alcohol scent and I don’t take alcohol. ”Boss kama hutaki chakula amka uende usitupimie hewa”[Boss of you don’t want to eat just disappear, don’t complain to us]”

Mary Bether had this;

“Hey guys. I don’t think someone in his rightful mind would waste his precious time, bundles and energy trying to destroy the reputation of such a renowned restaurant. So you who is busy rubbishing these allegations, are u honest to yourselves?” She asked.

Adding, “There can’t be smoke without any traces of fire. The story might not be 100% true. But even the 50% truth is already too much for a business in this competitive business world.

“So these diehard supporters of the restaurant, if u are indeed love the place and honest to yourselves, then save the face of the premise by advising the bosses of the restaurant accordingly. Otherwise, defending it here will not save it from collapsing if things continue like this.

“And those who are defending the restaurant just coz the owner is their kinsman, mtajua hamjui once it collapse. Yes, it will. We are all happy for your Ja Uyoma’s business and we all wish him well, but if things ain’t as expected and customers complaining are increasing, and here u are busy insulting the same customer who feels his rights as a customer of Ranalo Kosewe were interfered with and he was mistreated by the manager, then how are u helping the restaurant?

“Jo Uyoma now that you seems to be owning this asset collectively, we the esteemed customers demand for a thorough investigation into these allegations and all the perpetrators be brought to book should any of the above allegations turns out to be true.#hatupendi ujinga za pesa nane.” She concludes.

“Exposing these imbeciles is very important coz it makes the Ravellers be aware of the nasty deeds taking place, so stop the issue of its spoiling ones biz.” Macharius Oloo said.

“People ranting here in favour of the goons! Remember customer service is all that makes a business grow, so this kosewe’s glory shall come tumbling down……sooner than you expect” Krystin Mukami observed

“If Kosewe was a honest and a wise man, he could have reached out to the aggrieved client, instead of sending bloggers to rubbish this sincere feedback post. Anyway we the customers are now aware of the insecurities at KOSEWE RONALO restaurants.” Tonny Hillary

George Makolilo says, “My advice to you ladies and gentlemen, don’t ever step at Kosewe. It’s one of the recent mapped hotspots for mugging”

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