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KMTC Board Chairman Prof Philip Kaloki Caught Pant Down Grooming His Side-Chick To Take Over CEO Seat

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It’s only at KMTC where a board chairman dish positions to their families including side chick. Paul of the Bible told us to only eat where we sow, is Prof Kaloki living as per the Bible standards?

In a damning exposé, one Prof Philip Kaloki the KMTC board chairman and an ally of Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has been badly exposed as the father of nepotism.

The accusations began only days after he hired his second wife Dr. Miriam Muthoka as the Corporation Secretary of the KMTC.

And were it not for the vicious war to remove the current CEO Prof Michael Kiptoo, nobody would have known the going-ons between Prof Philip Kaloki and Miriam Ndunge Muthoka whom the good professor is said to have sired a baby boy with as the birth certificate clearly states.

It’s further said that their affairs began long before Prof Kaloki pushed for her employment as the KMTC Corporation Secretary in November 13, 2015.

Dr Mirriam Muthoka in blue coat.

“Kaloki’s term comes to an end in April 2021, but he is currently embroiled in a vicious boardroom tussle to remove the Current CEO Prof. Michael Kiptoo and replace him with his preferred candidate Miss Mirriam Ndunge Muthoka; a lady whom it is highly suspected that he has an affair with”, a source was quoted saying.

Ms Muthoka has apparently become the centre of power at the KMTC and surprisingly more powerful than the CEO and has completely overshadowed the two deputy directors at the KMTC as was elaborately covered in a popular blog.

“Her office is said to be bigger and more elegant than that of the CEO and she literally runs the management of KMTC and protected by the Chairman. All because of ‘pussy-peddling’”, the blog adds.

Abuse of Office

Those close to Prof Kaloki claims that, the professor from Ukambani will leave nothing to chance even if it means reorganizing leadership structure.

Word has it that, he is currently pushing to amend the structure so as to add more responsibilities to Dr. Mirriam Muthoka.

“Madam is being added a responsibility to undertake legal decision on behalf of the college, yet she doesn’t have a legal background”, a source was quoted saying.

To please his “bundle of joy” even further, Prof Kaloki is said to have secured Dr Mariam a spacious office, equipped a hot shower bathroom, kitchen with a modern conference lounge and two visitors waiting Lounge, while the CEO is squeezed in the tiny corner of the old building, without a conference or a waiting room.

More goodies to “beibe”

The powerful KMTC Chairman Prof Kaloki is said to have also assigned two Toyota Prados, each with college driver, one that pick and drops Dr Mariam and her kids to and from school.

Prof Kaloki is said to be currently lobbying other board members for the ouster of Prof. Michael Kiptoo to create room for his favorite candidate.

Other fighting to his side kick, Prof Kaloki has been accused several times of micromanaging KMTC through having veto powers, awarding tenders to his cronies especially those from Ukambani, and only employing those who can speak his language and from his neighbourhood in Kibwezi.

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