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Kivutha Kibwana in a Multitibillion Scam

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Makueni county Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana is a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover. The Makueni governor, who over the week was ranked the second best performing governor and who time and again launches development projects in his county, is facing a possible prosecution if the 12 allegations tabled before the Senate committee by a Makueni resident, who chose to remain anonymous, is anything to go by.

He opted to skip the summon by the Senate county Public Accounts and Implementation Committee that was set to query how he spent over Sh1.4 billion. The committee has since invited EACC detectives to investigate him over the 12 multi-million projects that may have been used to siphon public funds.

Some of the projects include a tender awarded to Kibwana’s wife Nazi Kivutha where she was expected to undertake family planning, youth empowerment and other related activities at a cost of sh 4 million.

“Nazi Kivutha received two cheques totaling to approximately Sh4 million from Makueni County Gender department for supply of girls’ sanitary towels and dinner at Panafric hotel,” a petition by the Makueni resident presented to CPAIC by Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina read in part.

“The Sh4 million payment was wired to Shina Foundation allegedly owned by the governor’s spouse, Nazi Kivutha,” it further claims.

Others include the Kalamba Fruit Plant funded by the county government to a tune of Ksh1 billion which is allegedly a white elephant project that has no value for money and never benefitted the people of Makueni.

“It has never produced anything for the Market as it publicly purported to be. It is currently producing mineral water for an unknown water company,” dossier detailed.

It adds, “No revenue has ever been declared from the plant and not accessible for the media and public scrutiny,”

Also under scrutiny is the award of Thwake Bridge contract funded by the county and undertaken for the three financial years at a cost of sh 220 million.

The bid was won by Prime quantifiers Limited owned by Paul Matheka who purportedly undertakes major projects of the county like Emali Bus Park station among others.

“The company constructed only seven pillars clearly visible across the river and was paid a total of sh 220 million in July-August 2018. A single concrete pillar cost over sh 30 million,” dossier alleges.

Another one is Water Drilling rig directly imported from India at the cost of sh 40 million contrary to public procurement regulations.

According to expose’, the Biomax Company was paid for the importation of the equipment and duty fee. However, it reveals that to date, the machine has not been registered with NTSA tims account as required by law, a claim we could not independently verify.

Others dubious projects are Chullu Valley Water Project funded at the county at a total of sh 24 million. The project was to provide piped water from Chullu to Mtito Andei town in 2015.

“Only pipes were laid down for a 24 Kilometre distance but no water to date,” it disclosed.

The county spent sh 10 million on Masamukye Cultural Centre in Nguu Masumba ward which does not exist to date.

Governor Kibwana’s administration spent sh 40 million to construct a water dam along Kaiti River in Wote Ward between 2014-2016 financial years.

Sub-standard work was done by a company associated with Mr. Muunda, Chairman of Muungano Party that sponsored Governor Kivutha in 2013.

The dam was allegedly washed away by rains and the project was abandoned.

Earlier, the House team poked holes into Auditor General’s report that gave a clean bill of health, also known as unqualified opinion, in the Makueni county executive audit report for the Financial Year 2017/18.

Under the year under review, immediate former Auditor General Edward Ouko gave a rare thumbs up to Governor Kibwana for good use of public funds.

But in a twist of events, the watchdog committee called on Arch (Rtd) Eliud Wabukala led commission to probe the county government and cast its net wider as it traces alleged stolen funds from the county since 2013.

“He (governor) seems to be good in preparation of financial statements but worse in the application, lawfulness, and effectiveness in use of public resources,” Senator Kajwang’ ruled in a scheduled meeting boycotted by Governor Kibwana.

Kibwana was scheduled to appear before the committee to respond to auditor’s queries for the 2017/18 financial years, but skipped the sitting without giving any reasons.

The attached are the screenshots of the document.

The letter
Part of the document

A Makueni resident felt embarrassed with the rot in her beloved county,

“I’m so embarrassed by the governors who appeared in the top 5 in the recent report of the best performing governors. The 5 governors have turned out to be the most corrupt governors but they are number one in the media. I once said here that Makueni is my County and what people see or hear on the TVs,newspapers and radios is totally the opposite of what is on the ground. Now see my governor Kivutha Kibwana who has been on the media for being the best performing in the country. What a joke! He’s now busy preaching on Makueni WhatsApp groups how senators and the auditors are bad yet he failed to appear before the senate for grilling to sing those explanation songs. Governors are busy fighting for additional allocation of funds yet they are looting tax payers’  money shamelessly.” Mbula Mtula reacted.

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