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Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro Bashes Mulamwah Over Public Breakup

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Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro was the subject of an uproar from comedian Mulamwah following a comment she made on his public breakup with girlfriend Caroline Muthoni alias Sonie.

Goro lectured Mulamwah during Kiss FM’s The Morning Kiss show on Friday, October 9, criticising him for what he did to Sonie and called upon him to reconsider his idea of going public with their breakup.

She went head to state her dislike for Mulamwah and even told him in person in the past, accusing him of looking for public pity with the breakup.

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro. /FILE

“Mulamwah knows personally that I don’t like him and I told him to his face. I did not go on social media to say it, na nilimwambia usiwahi jaribu kunikaribia tena (and I told him not to get close to me again)” Goro began.

She further stated that the actions of Mulamwah in publicising his breakup was wrong.

“Public breakup is messy, but there is no need for her to be thrown under the bus for you to get pity points. Maybe it is me who is being unreasonable but honestly (Mulamwah) you did not need to do this to Sonie. If you loved her it did not need to have gone this way,” commented Kamene on the morning show.

However, in a quick rejoinder Mulamwah warned Kamene to stay away from his affairs, saying she doesn’t know what he is going through right now.

He also mentioned that he is still in communication with Sonie and Kamene should not be so quick to judge when she doesn’t know the reason for their breakup.

Comedian Mulamwah with his girlfriend Sonnie. /FACEBOOK

“If you know Kamene tell her to leave me alone. I have seen her for long on my trail. Choose your words carefully. What you looking for you will find.” ordered Mulamwah.

He criticised Kamene for making him the topic of discussion on radio instead of asking his fans to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

“Why must it always be negative on air ? What have you ever helped me with? Do you even know what am going through right now, do you know what am even talking with my lady? Keep off” wrote Mulamwah on Twitter.

Mulamwah and Kamene Goro’s differences began in April this year when the radio presenter labelled him as the ‘biggest bully in the comedy industry’.

During the ‘Morning Kiss’ show at the time, Kamene recalled a period when Mulamwah openly body shamed her and a friend of hers.

“I posted a picture with Ronoh and we were sitting at the swimming pool rooftop at my place Mulamwah came to the comment section and said if the two of us get into the pool, all the water pours out.

I look at that name and I am like ‘who is this?’ So I go to his DM and I am like ‘what is this nonsense?’ because You do not know me like this.” ranted Kamene

On Thursday, October 8, Mulamwah announced that he had parted ways with his girlfriend in a long post on social media, but opted to keep the reason for their breakup private.

Mulamwah made national headlines after announcing in April this year of his exit from the comedian industry following trolls on the loss of his three month old child that became unbearable. He confirmed his exit by setting his signature jacket on fire in a video that went viral on social media.

Mulamwah setting his signature jacket on fire to announce his exit from the comedy industry in April 2020. /GHAFLA

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