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Kevin Omwenga: Deceased’s Cars and Apartments Were Funded By Obure

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Galana Suites apartment, where the late Kevin Omwenga lived plus the vehicles he owned were fully paid for by Global Jeta company, associated with Businessman Chris Obure.

In an affidavit to oppose bail seen by Mpasho News on Thursday September 10, police now claim that investigations and evidence have shown that Obure and the deceased knew each other even though he has denied it.

“Investigations and documentary evidence have shown that although Obure had denied having any business or strong relationship with the deceased there is strong evidence that Omwenga’s apartment and vehicles he claimed to own were fully paid for by Global Jet a company that Obure has leadership authority in” the affidavit read in part.

Businessman Chris Obure is currently facing charges over the murder of Kevin Omwenga on August 22, 2020. Source: File

It is further alleged that Obure is a team leader with aspects of leadership at Global Jet International and has his offices at Senteu Plaza where police believe that he exercises full decision making responsibility.

Sgt. Bashir Boya disclosed that they believe Obure and Bodo acted jointly in the murder of Omwenga on Saturday August 22.

Boya further added that the fact that Obure allowed his bodyguard Bodo to access his firearm in a safe as seen by CCTV cameras clearly indicates that they undertook a joint endeavor to have his gun used in the shooting that led to Omwenga’s death.

The state wants the court to deny both Obure and Bodo bail on grounds that they will interfere with witnesses.

“The prosecution witnesses lined up to testify on the strong connection between Obure,Bodo and Omwenga are employees of Global Jet and if accused are released on bail they will interfere with the witnesses” they claimed.

Obure will be facing more charges pressed against him by the prosecution.

In addition to the murder charges, Obure on Thursday was charged with two more criminal accounts; one, failing to secure a firearm contrary to the firearms act and two, failing to secure the ammunition.

His bodyguard, Robert Bodo, who is also a suspect in the murder, was charged with two accounts; possession of a firearm without a certificate and being in possession of ammunition.

Meanwhile, a third suspect in the brutal murder of Kevin Omwenga was on Thursday September 10 arraigned in court in Nairobi.

An investigating officer, who is attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) urged the court to detain the suspect, a Congolese man identified as Yatha Bahati Josue, for seven days to allow police to complete investigations.

Congolese man Yatha Bahati Josue at Milimani Law Courts on September 10, 2020. Source: K24 Digital

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