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Kenyans react to draconian rules imposed to employees of Mwananchi Credit limited

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As an employee of Mwanchi Credit company, you now have no otherwise but to load skiza tunes praising Mwananchi products as well as putting mwananchi brands on your WhatsApp statuses, the new rule reads.

A new manager at the loan facility who has been accused of having many eyes is here again putting the but credit facility on the spotlight by imposing draconian rules to the employees.

His internal memo has raised more concerns on what the company is doing with its marketing allocation. What the Mwanchi Credit management should take into consideration is that the decisions to do free marketing should be made clear from the onset and should be part of job description failure to which there should be a discussion about it before it is effected at any given time. Imposing such rules on employees simply means infringing on their personal space and misusing the powers bestowed to top Management of the company.

Mwanchi Credit limited’s internal memo

For a company to resort to such draconian rules in number three and four, it signifies that the employees are not happy with them this resorting to coercion.

According to Elizabeth Kinya, “Happy employees will automatically be your brand ambassadors.” Using herself as an example, she said, “My job for example required me to never act for and on behalf of the co but yet I give them free publicity. Why? Because I am treated like a human being, renumerated with consideration and respected as I should. So let them work on that first.”

For Fredrick Chumba, “Your employer does not own your social channels. The fact that they have employed you does not dictate or give them leeway to how and when you will use the platforms. You can enforce a code of conduct to an extent but you cannot force staff to promote you online by force!!!”

For Betty Muiruri, “Why would you dictate how I use my gadget which is personal property?? Next they’ll tell you where to shop or who to marry?? Some of those skiza are reverse tunes, maybe that’s what gets me going through the day.. To each their own but 4 issa NO..”

Nekesa Carol says, “3 and 4 should be a request, maybe with an incentive. A mobile phone is a personal tool”

For Lucy Mwari, “It’s the employers job to market his business and not everyone that works with you has the same vision and mission as you do! Some people can only push and serve with you so far. There is a saying in marketing that says give the people what they want and they will throw their money at you. My phone, Facebook page and social statuses is the only thing some of us own and guard that space dilligently.

Periodically I will not let you market yourself at my expense.You either give me 1 day free in a month or exchange a handshake with a monetary badge. Mwambie atafute influencers, this iron fist type of leadership is what breaks the unity in a company. I will just tell them i have no social presence.”

It should not be lost to the Mwanchi Credit company that “employees who are motivated and well engaged by the organization will willingly become the brand ambassadors.” Observed Kalekye Munyasia


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