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Kenyans Come Through For TPF Star Alvan Gatitu Who Spent A Night In The Cold

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“Humanity is still alive” said Alvan Gatitu after Kenyans responded positively to his cry for help .

Alvan Gatitu is a TPF ( Tusker Project Fame) star and a comedian popularly known by his many Tik Tok videos and on his social handles. Two days ago he posted a video stating he had been locked out for being unable to pay his rent, water and electricity bills. He talked so casually about it .

Few hours later he posted another video thanking Kenyans for their kind gesture, he had settled his debts and was doing much better . Word has that Kenyans have contributed 2.4 M so far.

Indeed all hope is not lost.

To the public eye, celebrities are perfect. They don’t encounter challenges, they have so much money and their bodies are perfect. It’s happily ever after for them. We could say they are super human. Too perfect to be true.

How many times have we heard that a celebrity has committed suicide , is in rehabilitation or is battling depression?

Sometimes we try so hard to solve our issues on our in vain. We have gotten so used to fighting our own battles we are unable to tell when we need help from others.

Asking for help makes us feel weak and vulnerable.

Alvan Gatitu is a good example for people to emulate. He describes that people have the wrong idea about celebrities. They go through stress. They are human. People think celebrities have everything under control which is not the case. He encouraged them to speak up. Bottling up emotions is never the answer.


He is also a good example in that men should learn to speak up . Toxic masculinity shouldn’t hinder anyone from airing that views . A problem shared is a problem solved.

COVID 19 has affected many people differently. Some directly through being infected while the rest have their livelihoods struggling due to this disease. Some businesses might not be able to return to their former statuses. It has also seen many people lose their jobs, their pay reduced or delayed.

Stretching a helping hand for whoever needs it makes it easier to the victim. We are in this together.

The kind gesture by Kenyans is prove that all hope is not lost. We are still strong together.

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