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Kenyan Tiktokers with fashion, Makeover to die for

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Kenyan Tiktokers with fashion, Makeover to die for

Kenyan Tiktokers with fashion, Makeover to die for

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Tiktok gives local content creators the creative boost they need to whip together a trendy fashion and beauty video with the latest stickers and fun filters.

The platform has seen a steady increase in content creators who are carving out a niche for themselves in the fashion and beauty categories.

The categories are leading to the rise of a wide range of influential content creators in this area with local creators bringing their authenticity to the platform.

These talented fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts are showing off their unique prowess while swiftly transforming into influencers with a growing number of followers, and Kenyans can’t get enough of it.

From sharing tips on how to keep that natural hair healthy to dressing for different occasions and makeup tutorials, these content creators are driving a new wave of influence in the most exciting way.

Nonetheless, the platform regularly features themes and challenges that center around being true to one’s self while delivering creative and immersive experiences to the community. 

Users can easily keep up with industry trends and get insights on how to fully express different cultures.

All they need to do is simply jump onto local challenges such as #fashionkenya, #kenyafashion.

And #makeupkenya.

 This is not only to unveil hidden secrets from other users but to also showcase their own remarkable content under these hashtags.

Below are Kenya’s must-see creators who you’ll most certainly enjoy if you are looking to make a statement in your next fashion or beauty make-over.

Craving Yellow

Craving Yellow’s message is clear, ‘healthy hair tips with a dose of love & sunshine!’.

This creator is on a mission to brighten up your looks with tutorials on different fun ways to make head wraps and keep your natural hair healthy.

 Take a look here:


It’s Friday, what look are YOU wearing for sundowners with your girls? ?? #fyp #loveandsunshine

♬ original sound – cravingyellow

Sharon Wamae

On the other hand, Sharon helps you know what to wear next.

 She’s also about encouraging her followers to flawlessly flaunt themselves while being their real selves no matter what the occasion. 

See how she rolls in outfits for different occasions, here:


Category is Denim ? Which one is a fave? ?? #Fashion #FYP #GiveThisToKevin

♬ original sound – Sharon Wamae

Jessy Chizi

Jessy Chizi makes sure you not only glow but also provide advice on how to transform your wardrobe in the most natural way.

 Check out these videos here:

Makeover by Ceecee

Next up we have a creator who will most certainly help you align your looks to that of models and actors.

As well as other celebrities you love.

 Ceecee is making this process fun and can turn you into the performing-arts characters of your choice. 

See her magic here:


Im actually enjoying this kind of art #venom #makeup #transition #makeoverbyceecee trending. Ass @princesamornize @officialnimoo1

♬ Venom – Little Simz

Dennis Karuri

Lastly, if you are looking for the best of both worlds, makeup artist Dennis Karuri is here to help you blend all the rules of fashion and beauty.

 Here is how it’s done:

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