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Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo Bags Bumper Deal With Rihanna’s Fenty

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19 year old Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo on Sunday September 13 bagged an ambassadorial role with Rihanna’s Fenty where she showcases the brand’s glasses in every shade.

“Weekend antics with Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo wearing every shade of FENTY. Happy Sunday everyone!” read the tweet on Fenty’s official page.

Taking through her social media handles, the crisp-crunching, straight-talking and unabashedly fond of fame, 19-year-old Kenyan student confirmed receiving a bid to do a campaign with Fenty.

Elsa Majimbo in one of her viral videos. Source: Twitter

Majimbo went ahead to thank Rihanna, who she called her best friend for the opportunity to work with Fenty.

“My 19 year old self literally got a chance to work with Fenty. I’m so proud!!!! Thanking the Fenty fam they’ve been so amazing and Rihanna for this amazing brand !” she wrote.

It is not the first deal she received this year, rather since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, Majimbo bagged her first deal with Mac cosmetics.

Following the announcement, Fenty emerged as the top trend in the country as of Monday September 14, with Kenyans from all over congratulating her for bagging the new deal.

A trip through her Instagram details funny videos of wanting to get rich without necessarily going to work. Ultimately, she pokes fun into not wanting to spend time with people, but wanting a boyfriend or not wanting to Zoom every day, but wanting to still be connected.

Image of Elsa Majimbo. Source: File

These are very relatable jokes in the life of teenagers despite the country or region that one is living in.

There are three hallmarks of the monologues delivered by Majimbo, many of which have amassed more than 300,000 views. The first is crunching potato crisps with indifference (her favourite flavour is cheese and onion) to emphasise a point, often while leaning back onto a pillow.

The second is declaring “It’s not my mistake,” while addressing people’s questions as to why, for example, she has not joined TikTok, or participated in “corona challenges”.

The final signature move is the use of tiny 90s sunglasses as a prop demonstrating her superiority.

“It’s just so hard to be happy when everybody is below you,” she reveals in one video, captioned ‘When I find R100 in trousers I haven’t worn in 2 months’ on Twitter.

“The true question is not how I became famous. Rather how I became rich,” and she slides the sunnies resting on her head down onto her eyes.

Viral videos filmed in her bedroom have won her a lot of support. It is the mocking humour that has earned Majimbo praise in Kenyan, South African and US media outlets.

For instance, she has been featured by some of the biggest international media outlets including The Guardian, New York Times, CNN and many more.

In the interview with New York Times, Majimbo narrated being born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and being a journalism student. She further recounted her father’s reaction to her new found internet fame adding that he is yet to come to terms with it.

“My dad said, ‘This is not how a Christian girl in a Christian home behaves,’ and I tried to explain that it’s meant to be funny. He said, ‘I don’t see anything funny here, stop making videos of this nature immediately.” she told the publication.

To keep up with her new life and ideally keep her father off her pages, she had to block everyone who bore close relations with the father.

The new fame has, however, come with blessings as the 19-year-old has worked with some of the best, renowned brands thus narrated that she has been able to find herself in a way that she never had before.

“I think the career I wanted before is not what I want now. A lot of things have changed, I’ve been able to find myself in a way I hadn’t before.” she revealed at the time.

Social media platforms have been a huge source of relief and also a cause of concern for Kenyans and the world at large ever since Coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out.

On a positive note, individuals are using it for communication with friends and relatives amid the pandemic, others for trading and commerce and news sourcing. In Kenya, Azziad Nasenya, a media student, has since become a celebrity after her Tik Tok dance videos went viral.

Kenyan Tik Tok sensation Azziad Nasenya. Source: File


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