Keep those promises

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Never make a promise you cannot keep. Don’t make vague promises like ‘I will call you or write you’ when you know you won’t. It doesn’t augur well with the person you made the promise to.

Many relationships have broken in the past and continue to break because of broken promises. A spouse promises to take the partner out, or to cook their favorite meal or to buy them a favourite shoe, clothes etc or to avail themselves for a date/meeting but just forgets about it and goes his or her own business without even apologising for not doing so. This builds up some resentment within and a barrier starts forming between the two then you wonder what you did wrong. If for some reason you are unable to fulfill the promise, just make the person you promised aware of that and give valid explanation. I am sure he or she would understand and appreciate the fact that you respected them enough to remove the anxiety of waiting for something that wasn’t going to be fulfilled. Make sure you afterwards make up to them somehow.

This applies across the board not only to partners. Parents should stop promising their children things and just forget about them. Children should stop promising their parents that they would have some things done and just forget and assume everything is ok. Politicians have a habit of promising their constituents that they will bring development to them when they get elected to the various leadership positions. After they clinch the positions, they develop amnesia and forget what they promised. They go about their ways driving high end vehicles and living in palatial mansions while the people who elected them to those positions languish in abject poverty.

Everyone should know a broken promise without a valid explanation or apology is a form of betrayal that some people don’t have a heart to forgive. Be careful when making a promise because the consequences might be dire. No one likes being taken for granted and breaking promises is the same as taking others for granted.

A promise is a debt. Dont become a bad debtor

Trust once broken is hard to salvage.

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