Jubilee and Raila “NASA’s” Ruto

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This is how you know Raila is a political god; not a single politician has endeavoured to remain as relevant as he has even after retirement from government some eight years back. Former presidents bask in his shadow while he remains to be the Baba we have always known and in control, to call him a demigod would be an understatement given his age. He adapts like a snail or slug, quite slowly, assuming the shape of any box you put him in and then rules it, and just when you think he is too old to rise to the occasion, he sheds his old skin and pulls a power move. He plays ball and takes the government that he is not in. This is a convoluted story of how a retired prime minister who holds no office in the government is a master in his trade, a puppeteer with elected government officials being the puppets. How a seemingly political retiree still pulls strings and commands the winds blowing over the political terraine baffles even his sworn opponents.

If there is anything Kenya learnt from the 2007 elections besides the fact that Samuel Kivuitu sold his soul to the devil along with our country, it must be that a Raila Ruto duo is a dangerous one. Dangerous for opponents in the sense that Kenya and to a large extent the entire world has not yet seen the force these two would exert together. Even in South Africa with a population nearly four times that of ours, and nearly 80% beings proponents of the ANC party, it is questionable that they can match the Earthquakes that these two can occasion on the political landscape; Raila and Ruto being the seismograph and torched scale epicenters. They are both King makers, the former a little more than the latter, and what they can achieve together is unfathomable.
Although history teaches otherwise, we now know that Histone Kamau Ngei (Jomo Kenyatta) was mistakenly baptised a founding father when in fact his objectives were diametrically opposed to that purpose. He was made president by the first King maker to ever grace the soil of an “indipendent” Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga without whom Kenyatta would be an ordinary household name today, it is needless to restate the relationship between Jaramogi and Raila. Later in 2002, Raila fell the tree that his father planted along with all its roots, and fruits, then planted his own. Perhaps king making is a characteristic apparent in the Odinga family’s DNA.

Ruto on the other hand, perhaps in a spate of fury and the urgent need to make a political statement at the time made the son of Jomo the royalty he is today. We can confidently state that without Ruto, Uhunye would never have made it even to the top five candidates in a race that had seven aspirants. With Kivutha Kibwana’s announcement of his presidential bid in 2022, the number of unknowns in the forthcoming elections just doubled. If Ruto had any wisdom left in him, he would consider working with Raila.
A Ruto presidency is out of question the most ridiculous idea since the flat earth society because as a deputy president of the government he so wishes to inherit, my question to him would be, what is it that he is desirous of delivering to Kenyans post 2022 should he become president, that he cannot share with Uhuru and have the same delivered now. His supporters claim, so wrongly, that he is being targeted and that Raila and Uhuru are conspiring to extinguish his political flame by undermining his office or so we hear. If indeed that is the case, and he is indeed the honourable Saint they want us to believe he is, why not resign from that government and officially join the opposition? Truth is, Raila and the rest of the right thinking citizens of this nation have NASAd Ruto in his lies, and I am not talking about the stadia. Ruto has no formidable game plan for 2022 besides playing victim. These things just write themselves, now we await eagerly for the next track Hussein Machozi releases. Let’s not act surprised if and when the album is called Jubilee Asili.

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