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Is Police boss Mutyambai aware of the extortion by his officers in Nairobi CBD?

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(Inspector General of Police Hillary Nzioki Mutyambai)

It’s not clear whether the inspector general of Police Hillary Nzioki Mutyambai is aware of the extortion racket happening in Nairobi CBD everyday by his officers based in Kamkunji police station.

Well, going to pick your relative who was traveling from upcountry minutes past 9pm, coming from your workplace around the same time or coming from evening classes in the universities around Nairobi Central Business District or if you like Nairobi city center for men is now a crime according to police officers based at Kamkunji Police station.

I had gone to town to pick a cousin who had travelled from countryside over the weekend to connect him to another vehicle headed to Mombasa. Was arrested by police officers from Kamkunji police station while alighting from a matatu in town.

I would later learn that this is a rising habit that has been nurtured by police officers that are based at Kamkunji police station.

Kamkunji Police Station OCS Samir Yunus has been on record saying he does not take bribes, but it is disturbing that a police boss could say this in court while his officers are extorting innocent men in CBD.

“I might be a difficult officer to deal with because I swore never to take bribes” he recently said at a Nairobi court.

Is Kamkunji police station boss Samir Yunus aware that his officers do random roundups in town to arrest innocent citizens only to ask them for bribes?

I witnessed his officers targeting men from work, men connecting from one stage to another, men with bags traveling out of town, men alighting from bus stages then put them on handcuffs and force them to walk to dingy corners with poor lightings behind OTC area only go ask them for bribes that starts from sh5000, coming down to sh2500.

Those who seem to be poorer that they cannot afford the high bribes are roughed up, beaten, harassed and forced into Kamkunji police station minutes past midnight. They are then forced to call contacts in their phone books to help them raise at least sh1000 to buy their freedom.

Those raising monies through M-Pesa are forced to press the withdrawal option through M-Pesa agent number 414441 registered as Basil Comms Company mulika center opposite catholic church.

Those on the know claim the agent number belongs to the police station. The DCI boss and his officers can investigate the agent number 414441 to verify these claims. One observation they will make is that most monies are withdrawn at night without signatures of the people withdrawing from the number. The IDs are real because they force the innocent individuals withdrawing money to give them IDs which they read the ID numbers to the one handling the agent number.

According to sources, the roundup that got me arrested while alighting from a matatu stage was almost the tenth one that evening. For every round up, these officers targets between 100 to 120 men.

It’s not clear why the officers are not arresting ladies. They can meet a couple but they will go for the man and leave the lady.

I spent the better part of that night to monitor what was happening around town center that night and out of observation I realised over 500 people were arrested, meaning a cool sh 1,000,000 or thereabout is collected on bribe per day.

If truly the Inspector General of Police Hillary Nzioki Mutyambai interdicted officers who extorted his driver while going to his rural home on a private car, then what will stop him from cracking the whip at Kamkunji Police station?

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