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Is Narok Governor Tunai bribing detectives to stop his arrest?

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(Narok Governor Samuel Kuntai old Tunai and deputy President William Ruto at a past event)

Desperate Narok Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai who recently reshuffled his staff that saw his close associates taken from lucrative posts to dockets with lesser authority is heavily bribing detectives from the Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission not to revisit his scandals that entails hiring of helicopters, the Mara triangle revenue collection, Procurement of Kenya Airports Parking Services Ltd, the scandal-laden hospital project.

Detectives became suspicious with the constant cries of the locals and in 2016 it became clear that Tunai is corrupt as he took over sh100 million to Harambee within Narok. In the Harambee, he gave sh34 million on behalf of President Kenyatta, sh34.5 millon on behalf of his close friend Deputy President William Ruto, sh6.8 million on his own behalf, sh3.4 million on behalf of the Deputy President’s Private secretary Faruk and many more. At the same time he was hiring helicopters from Lady Lory Kenya.

All these monies were allegedly coming from the Mara Triangle revenue and the proceeds of corruption as his county is notorious with misuse of public funds.

While he was busy taking the ill-acquired monies to deputy President William Ruto and associates in his first and now second term, his county officials led by the notorious Morgan Meitamei Siloma who cannot account for the immense wealth him together with key CECs members have amassed over the few years they have been in power.

With the President’s intense fight against corruption, the corrupt Tunai is living in fear as EACC, DCI, DPP are keen on rekindling their investigations.

“I must note that my fight against corruption has given me one joyous result – deterrence! Public officers are now reluctant to engage in corrupt practices because they are afraid. And instead of dealing with corruption after it has happened, our fight against corruption has ensured that we fight it at source

“I direct the NIS to undertake a rigorous review of all cartel groupings that have become leeches sucking away the blood and sweat of hardworking Kenyans.” President said this week.

With him being on the Tangatanga, his case might be worse and will obviously be the next after Governors Moses Lenolkulal (Samburu), Ferdinand Waititu(Kiambu) and Mike Sonko(Nairobi).

Tunai’s arrest will likely be the end of him and will be more unique as a number of his ministers will go down with him. This explains why he is fighting tooth and nail by bribing anyone on his way to ensure detectives and media may not get abreast of this developing yet true story.

As mentioned earlier, his case will be worse since all the accounts attached to him, his family and all his close friends would be the target of EACC as this will cripple him and punture his movements just like what they did to Governor Okoth Obado of Migori and Mike Sonko(Nairobi).

The buildings they have sprouted in Narok and other towns and cities, and the hotels he has acquired with looted cash both within the country and outside the country such as South Africa, Tanzania, name them will all be seized.

It’s in the public knowledge that governors earns not more than a million per month yet on a weekly basis, the Narok County Governor flies to Narok County using a helicopter. It cost not more than USD $3,000 an hour to hire a helicopter in Kenya. With the frequency of the flights to Narok from Nairobi the Governor spends an estimated USD $100,000 (Ksh 9.8M) a month, how is the governor paying for this helicopter service?

Mr. Tunai own five Luxury Lodges in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem, which are not listed in the controller of budget reports as paying park entry fees. These luxury lodges charges on the lowest $80 (sh8000) per person per day. The people of Narok want to know why these lodges have never paid a penny to either the previous county councils or the Narok County government.

Tunai’s lodges alone owes the people of Narok County an estimated 10B in unpaid Taxes.

The people of Narok are demanding action in recovering their unpaid taxes.

There is massive rot in Narok county if the files Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives recently carted away is anything to go by, lots of dirty deals in the procurement sector.

Corruption in the County Finance Office

The people of Narok County want to know why the Finance office in Narok County is managed by three close allies of Mr. Tunai whom they have had previous dealings with. Could this be why Tunai changed his confidant Morgan Meitamei Siloma from CEC Finance and took him to another corrupt sector Health and sanitation which has fresh hospital scandal in it?

Morgan Meitamei Siloma is one corrupt man that must have learnt the tricks of Governor Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai. However, his loot was shared among women and on properties, some bought and others built from scratch.

Sources claim that, after the controller of budget raised questions on the 19% revenue set aside to assist communities next to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, the Governor converted the fund into a private emergency fund, which he now uses in his own discretion.

It is shocking that the richest county in Kenya now and even before the advent of devolution when Kenya still had municipal and county councils does not have any development project that locals can be proud of.

Narok County Council controls all the revenue of the Maasai Mara and the spectacle that has become a modern wonder of the world, the wildebeast migration, an event which must happen by the amazing power of nature but the locals does not get any benefit since their monies are channeled to early campaigns of Deputy President.

It’s not lost in history that in 2016, the Maasai community held one of the most violent riots in Narok town against Governor Tunai and at least three Maasai Morans lost their lives. They were claiming that Governor Tunai allegedly started remitting Kshs.100,000,000 (one hundred million only) weekly to deputy President and partly to Statehouse for no reason at all other than what could have been an agreement of two people.

Instead of helping his people with the massive Maasai Mara revenue, he chose to please DP Ruto.

Sources say that the friendship of the two, Tunai and DP, has seen them buying large tracks of land where they are growing wheat.

Governor Samuel Ole Tunai should be the the least person to talk about corruption since he is corrupt and has benefited from the corruption of his now demoted CEC For finance Morgan Meitamei Siloma.

Ole Tunai is said to be owning land larger than some of the 47 counties we have in Kenya. As a matter of fact, his land is home to some wild animals including elephants

A look at the Narok Referral Hospital reveals public toilets are in very disturbing conditions, the services offered does not match the allocation it receives. This is a project where millions have allegedly been stolen from.

Sources claim that Governor Tunoi recently submitted details of pending bills to Treasury and instead of settling the said bills after receiving monies from the treasury, he formed a committee to verify them again with an aim of embezzling these funds.

“The Auditor-General has put pending bills in Narok County at Sh1.9 billion and, as a county, we feel that some of these bills have been cleared and we put our figure at Sh1.1 billion. The new CECs will sit down with the committee I have appointed and the national government and reconcile these figures,” his statement hinting at the formation of such committee reads.

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