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Is Magwanga Strangling Self in Homa Bay’s gubernatorial race?

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(Photo: Oyugi Magwanga speaking at a past function. Photo courtesy.)

By Owino Ken

Being an academic dwarf is currently the strangling rope that’s taking toll on Magwanga’s incessant hunger for being the second Homa Bay County Governor.

The former Member of Parliament for Kasipul Constituency has recently reduced himself to a mere tool that can be used to badmouth Gladys Wanga, the Woman Rep for Homa Bay County. Magwanga has become a personalized fighter jet spewing all kinds of trash within his reach at Wanga to an extent that should Wanga withdraw her candidature for the 2022 Gubernatorial contest then he’ll be the Homa Bay County fool of the century. We know that financial weakness and unquenched political thirst can make you a bitter person, but it’s unclultured to pick fights with women for no reasonable reason.

In Luoland it’s only foreigners who fight with women. In his recent insignificant hullabalos, Magwanga has not made any attempt to state what he plans to do for Homa Bay County and its residents should he clinch the top seat. All he does in his premature political rallies thronged by hungry jobless youths is to mention names of his political opponents some of who are not even aware of his existence in the political arena in today’s Kenyan state of affairs.

What ails Magwanga’s political immaturity is lack of respect to the constitution which allows anyone to vie for any political post within the confines of our supreme republic. His quick memory loss has been fueled by historical ignorance that gives him seasonal courage to attack Wanga as a foreigner in Homa Bay County. Magwanga forcefully served as a legislator for Kasipul Constituency against the will of most of the voters for ten solid years. At the time he was aware that his ancestral home lies thousands of miles down the hills and valleys of Migori County. The true sons and daughters of Kasipul fought tooth and nail to reclaim their lost glory of leadership which Magwanga kept on grabbing from them through rigged elections in vain. Today Gladys Wanga is in the same shoes he wore some few years before, but the log of ignorance has clogged his mind and blinded his vision beyond seeing the 2022 Gubernatorial contest as the only source of air he breathes.

Magwanga has been heard mentioning Gladys Wanga’s brother, one Robert Wanga, as a stranger who has been hired to manage the Homa Bay County NGAAF funds. The truth is that not a single person working in the NGAAF and woman Rep’s office comes from Hon Wanga’s home.

Let me remind Magwanga that during his time as an MP for Kasipul, not only did he hire foreigners from Migori County to work at the CDF office, but he went ahead to give the excavator that was meant for the Constituency to be used in repairing roads in Awendo and its immediate environs.

Picking personal fights is not new with Magwanga. During his two terms as Kasipul MP, he swore that as long as he lives, his closest rival, Hon. Charles Ong’ondo Were would not become a heir to the constituency leadership. Today Charles Were is the Member of Parliament for Kasipul Constituency. Is Magwanga tarnishing Gladys Wanga’s name from the heavenly thrones of immortality?

Homa Bay County has several men and women who have seen it constitutionally fit to tender their candidature for Governor’s seat that is bound to remain vacant in 2022. Instead of Magwanga dancing to the song of his non-existent track record produced by hired media fabricators, he’s been mentioning names of his opponents. It’s only a man who lacks vision for an already wounded county that picks fights with those struggling to help bring back the county back on it’s feet.

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