Is Kenyan Dream Dead?

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For decades, we have heard fancy stories about the American dream, its magnanimity and how it has shaped lives of thousands. The immigrants, students and athletes who have come from the humble beginning but the American dream has propelled them to stardom, international recognition and have earned fortune in return.

But have we ever thought of a Kenyan dream, and whether it exists at all. There are very successful Kenyans and even expatriates who have made fortune in the Kenya market but we are not focusing our attention to them for strange reasons I am not privy to. We have industrialists of Indian decent and many successful entrepreneurs who are the key drivers of the Kenyan private sector. Rightfully, these industrialists does not meet a threshold of a Kenyan dream even by the lowest standards and will explain.

Leaders of nation are the key purveyors of the dream of the nation. In the United States for instance, their presidents notably president Ronald Reagan is key figure in championing the American dream. Through his economic reforms, bold agenda, respect of human rights and proper treatment of the immigrants and students from all over the world, the American dream became a reality due to leadership which stepped up to be counted. In our setting for example our leaders both present and past had an opportunity to make a Kenyan Dream a reality but the chance slipped away untapped.

What is Kenyan Dream then? Well, on my own terms, I can define the Kenyan dream as the ability of the sons or daughters of both rich and poor to access proper and equal medical care provided by the government, attend schools with same standards, hired and rise in their respective careers purely through merit and not cronyism or tribalism or nepotism,. Also, Kenyan dream entails the respect of human rights and every individual whether highest ranking or lowest are governed by the rule of law, respect of the institutions.

Basing on my own basic definition of Kenyan Dream, then reality dictates that the dream if it ever existed is long dead due to the massive inequality in the society, the education and health are accessed by the poor and the rich are like day and night. The culture of cronyism and tribalism has defined our public service and no one has equal opportunities for jobs, business. Essentially, what is happening is total contradiction of values we should uphold dearly. Human rights violation is the order of the day from the law enforcement.

Therefore, the Kenyan dream is elusive and if situation and the establishment maintains status quo, then I am afraid the Kenyan dream of equal society and opportunities for all will never be achieved anytime soon.

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