Is Heart Complications Symptom of Covid-19?

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As we are grappling with the effects and possible aftermath of Corona Virus global pandemic, new details emerging by day. World Health Organization (WHO) earlier on said in a statement that there was no human to human infections of the virus but later on retracted the statement as it was debunked by widespread infections worldwide. The sudden shifting in position by world respected body is not deliberate but circumstantial.

The virus is new and therefore even experienced infectious-diseases specialist are learning and researching as the virus spread. They may get things right and others wrong since this is uncharted territory never experienced before.

The symptoms of virus has vastly changed. It’s most common symptoms being fever, dry cough, and tiredness while less common symptoms are aches and pain, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, loss of taste and smell, rash skin, discoloration of fingers and headache. The serious symptoms of COVID-19 are shortness of breath, chest pain and loss of speech or movement.

However, doctors in New York have noticed a new trend that is the serious symptoms of the virus can change from respiratory which can be difficulty in breathing to cardiac condition, which heart complications. The doctors in New York neighborhood of Brooklyn admitted a 64 year old patient with symptoms like that of serious heart attack with an ominous heart rhythm and high blood levels of protein a condition resulting from a damaged artery. The doctors tried to unblock the artery but surprisingly, it was not damaged. These symptoms in long run was a result of corona virus and not heart attack. The Brooklyn patient was successfully treated and discharged after dozen days.

The patient in Brooklyn is not just alone with heart related complications and corona virus infection, hundreds of patients are there in hospitals and it raises the fundamental question as to what exactly are symptoms of Covid-19? The patient may be subjected to different medication altogether while suffering from the virus which may escalate the complications leading to severity of the illness.

When the doctors receive a patient with apparent heart related complications, should they rule out corona virus? Rather, should they test the patient for Covid-19? Some of these decisions are very crucial as it may waste time to save a life but again wrong or misplaced treatment may be catastrophic for the patient.

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