Is Father’s Day Opening Up The Reality Of A Future Fatherless Society?

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As we celebrate our fathers today, we also need to put it out there the reality in the ground. Let’s talk of why many people are out there celebrating their mothers on father’s day and for most not because their fathers have passed on but they grew up with single mothers. Single fathers are out there, yes we do admit that and they are not put in the limelight but after the survey done by Kenya Health Information System that revealed about 4000 girls aged 19 years and below were reported pregnant between the month of January and May in Machakos county which they equate to 27 girls conceiving everyday. The data further showed that the mind boggling numbers peaked in March after students closed school following the directive to shut all schools to avoid spread of the corona virus. The reports however have been dismissed by the Governor of Machakos Alfred Mutua and the Education CS George Magoha. The CS then afterwards in a report compiled by Citizen Digital threw the blame of teenage pregnancies on pornographic sites that have wrecked the morals of Africans by igniting sexual urge.

Whichever side you want to look at it from, one thing is for sure, the rate of growth of teenage pregnancies keeps shooting. Let me share another interesting study shared by standard digital, the world family Map 2019, sampled 40 countries globally. From their study a quarter of Kenyan children go without a decent meal everyday out of which 31% are shown to live with one parents while 15% have no parents. The study goes ahead to shoe out of the 40 countries sampled, Kenya had the highest number of children with one parent, most of them being a mother. This means single mothers are more popular and still in the rise in the country.

Now after the revelation of the growth of teenage pregnancies in the country, it should be an eye opener of what the future holds for the young ones. If a girl as young as 13 years old conceives it is not a time to point the finger at these young girls and boys for engaging in sexual activities but instead hold more sexual talks on the issue. What about those responsible for the pregnancies? It is worth noting that it is not just fellow young boys impregnating these girls but also mature men out there who very well know that persuading a child into sex is a crime punishable by law. The law clearly protects our children out there and it is our responsibility as men and women, teachers and parents to impact them with knowledge on sexual awareness. 

The numbers of teenage pregnancies also open a subject of the growth of single mothers in the future, most of these girls are now depending on their parents to cater for their needs. This father’s day what should we take home? As much as we are celebrating our fathers, may our responsible fathers  teach men out there how to become more responsible. With those numbers we definitely don’t want to look forward to a future where fathers are out of sight, where fathers are disregarded, where fathers in the coming generation are humiliated, seen as irresponsible being and sexual predators. Our fathers have taught us much about life that we have grown to trust them, believe they are always right and report to them when in a dilemma. May the coming generation of men also follow suit, follow their footsteps and protect our children out there and teach them about morals to save our future. 

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