Is Brazil The New Hotbed Of Corona Virus? Covid19 Updates

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The corona pandemic hit the global scene with the first case being reported in Wuhan,China last year. Ever since many countries have been under lockdown following the fast spread of the virus with the global tally of confirmed cases hitting 7,114,524 so far. Brazil, however has stood out to register a large number of covid19 cases so much so, that the country is now ranked second globally with the most corona virus infections.

Brazil whose population is over 212 million has hit the global scene by registering a total of 693,419 cases so far, with more than 18,912 new cases reported as of 8th of June and a total of 37,312 deaths so far with more than three hundred and two thousand recovered cases. The city of Sao Paulo has been hit hard by registering the largest number of cases in the country with more than one hundred and twenty three thousand confirmed cases, followed by Rio De Janeiro and Ceara.

Brazil’s infection rate is so alarming that the country’s economy is hit hard, in fact the World Bank has reported that the Brazilian GDP could drop by 8% to become the second worse drop in the world. The report’s claims of Brazil’s economy’s shrink is said to have been caused by the lock downs, plunging investments, soft global commodity prices among others.

In Kenya the number of Covid19 cases has risen to 2862 with ninety five new infections within 24 hours. The country has not reached it’s peak yet, in spite of the rising cases of infections and recorded an amazing ninety seven recovered cases today which is the highest number of recovery ever registered in Kenya. In Africa so far the continent has a tally of 189,559 cases, 5,189 deaths and 82,985 recoveries. 

As Brazil faces tough economic times and a  hard time to reduce the rate of infections the United States of America is still at the top of the rank leading with the number of covid19 infections with two million confirmed cases so far. A lot of questions have emerged about China, where is China in all this ? After all, the first case was confirmed in the mighty Asian country. China is actually ranked 18th in the table of ranking of corona virus cases globally. Surprisingly with 82,040 confirmed cases, the country’s total recoveries sits at a tremendous tally of 78,341 with only four new cases being reported today in a county with a population of 1.4 billion.

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