Inside the Tussle between JamboPay and Nairobi County; will the sly Muchemi escape?

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(Web Tribe CEO Danson Muchemi)

The series of events happening in the life of one Danson Muchemi the CEO of Web Tribe limited which operates as JamboPay tells a lot about him than meets the eye.

For starters, Danson Muchemi fraudulently won a tender at city hall during the tenure of former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to automate revenue collection and that’s how he earned his billions. His Web Tribe firm trading as JamboPay collected parking fees, rents, permits and land rates between 2014 and 2019.

JamboPay was picked despite the fact that Virtual Mobile and Craft Silicon firms were offering to charge 2.5 per cent of collections in fees.

Immediately after automation and hiring of Jambopay, one suspicious thing is that the parking fee collection dropped from Sh166 million monthly to Sh70 million.

The billions of shillings collected through the JamboPay system was said to have first been deposited in a trust deed private account held by a third party, PKF Consulting which the county government is not a party to.

As if that is not enough, the same firm collected and held funds from other private entities meaning, the billions of shillings that were collected on behalf of the county government were put together with other incomes collected by JamboPay. This was done to make confusion on how much the county government collected every year and that’s how Danson Muchemi became a billionaire over night.

Also note that of all the revenue collected during that period Web Tribe was still having the contract, 4.5 per cent of the revenue went to JamboPay. In its first year of operation, Danson Muchemi pocketed between Sh513 million and sh767 million from the Sh11.4 billion collected. Remember, the records were inaccurate as Jambopay collected other revenue from other firms and also the system did not reconcile the amounts paid by users of the platform, the amount banked and the revenue recorded. You can’t tell the billions in the accurate records.

Danson Muchemi ensured that the county government had no way of knowing how much revenue was collected on their behalf. Sources say, this information was only made known to Governor Kidero and his close associates.

JamboPay was significantly compromised due to lack of constraints. It was also marred with possible loss of data in the event of system failure as there was no regular backup.  A thing that experts say was a well calculated move to rip-off the county when ‘audit questions became too much’.

The cunning Muchemi ensured county paid him 1.25 per cent of the value of all cash office transactions made using the JamboPay yet there was no contract on the same.

Remember, during this period the county government of Nairobi did not use the International Financial Management Information Systems (Ifmis). It’s during that very year when County Executive committee member for finance transferred Sh11.3 billion — the amount from the Exchequer — to operation accounts in several commercial banks without written approval from the Controller of Budget, who is mandated to authorise withdrawals from the County Revenue Fund. The main aim was that this amount was not reflected in Ifmis together with other receipts via JamboPay.

Seperately, he controversially signed a deal to offer payment services to NHIF in 2018. This has put the NHIF Senior Management on the spotlight for theft of public funds and will soon be guest of DCI. Seems like Muchemi’s time at the top is about to be over. The NHIF trial is over a Sh1.1 Billion funds misappropriation. Muchemi had tried to gag the DPP, DCI and AG to stop the trial.

In December 10, 2018, Simeon Kirgotty, Geoffrey Mwangi, Danson Muchemi, Robert Muriithi freed on Sh2 million cash bail each in the above NHIF scandal.

His company’s contract with City Hall came to an end in June last year. It’s after the end of the contract that he was linked to the sh357 million garbage scam.

Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) stated that Governor Sonko received bribes of Sh27.4 million from Amaco through Arbab Auto (Sh17 million), Yiro Enterprises (Sh8.4 million), and Webtribe (Sh 2 million).

It is in this regard that the DPP ordered the arrest of Antony Ombok – the director of Arbab Auto, ROG Security, and High Energy Petroleum Ltd – suppliers of fuel, vehicle spare parts and lubricants, Danson Muchemi and Robert Muriithi – directors of Web Tribe Ltd and Zablon Onyango – an agent of the revenue collection firm trading as JamboPay.

When Sonko was arrested and charged over the above, Muchemi disappeared and has reappeared only when Governor Sonko’s impeachment motion was around the corner with allegations of road accident and his life being in danger.

Muchemi believes that the kind of accident he involved in along Nyahururu-Gilgil Road at around 10.30am on February 9 where a lorry rammed into his car had someone’s hand on it.

“I have endured 9000 minutes of pain at a hospital in the last 6 days after an accident at Gilgil area that left me with painful body injuries. I have lived the 9000 minutes bravely just like all other days of my life. Praying to God daily for His blessings and mercies and facing every challenge as it comes,” Muchemi said shortly after leaving hospital.

He connects the above to a call he received on February 20 as at 8.26am where he recalls that a person who identified himself as Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko used the said call to threaten his life.

“He told me ‘Wewe umeniangusha. Niko na mashida [sic] … wewe umeniangusha … sasa hata impeachment inakuja na unaniangusha … chunga’. (You have let me down yet I have many problems. There is a planned impeachment against me yet you are letting me down … be careful),” Muchemi is quoted saying.

He went on to say, “After the call, I felt that my life was in danger. That prompted me to report the matter to the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Kilimani. The cause of the accident has remained unexplained to me and now threats to me by the caller, mobile number 0730 888888, [make me feel] my life is in danger,”

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko dismissed Muchemi’s allegations saying, his call was purely a response to a letter the Web Tribe limited CEO had written to his office over some payments.

“My conversation with him was purely on his complaint letter dated February 18, a fact he did not disclose in his report and statement to the police, hence giving false information to the police,” Sonko said 

Muchemi should be honest with himself and say the truth rather than hiding on the shadow of groundnuts leaves as luos would say.

If one of the latest Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s social media update is anything to go by, then it means Danson Muchemi has fixed the troubled City Hall boss;

“Don’t be too quick to trust. Some people’s intentions is to get what you have. They don’t care about your heart all they care about is what they can get….When someone is going through a tough time or depression they tend to look for someone and end up trusting easily. Opening their hearts so fast. Then get hurt so fast…Mostly one lands on wrong people with ill motives that end up using what they know against you”

It’s believed that Muchemi fixed Dr Evans Kidero and now Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is his next victim. One wonders what he gains with all these. If for anything, his company has been doing all these fictitious businesses with the City Hall, NHIF.

Sources say, Danson Muchemi is being used by city hall cartel to ensure Governor Sonko’s bail is cancelled and have him locked at a time his impeachment motion is debated in the county assembly.

Why is Danson Muchemi being used by the state as a witness against Governor Sonko in the ongoing sh357 million garbage tender scam yet his company was mentioned as one of the beneficiaries?

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