Improving Your Skills

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Shauna grew up with a notion that all psychics are scammers. This is why when her friend dragged her to have dinner at a hotel where a psychic who doubled as a waiter was scheduled to meet them, Shauna rolled her eyes so deep in her eyeballs that she looked as if she was about to have a seizure. She was picturing a glowing crystal ball.

The two women entered the hotel and Shauna’s friend immediately located the waiter/psychic. He told them to have dinner first and that he would bring them their desserts. He didn’t ask which one it was but he brought it for them anyway. Shauna once again rolled her eyes but this time she kept it subtle. She was a well known model, the psychic could have googled her favorite dessert. She was a little startled when the waiter ripped off a paper from his notebook and gave it to her. On it, she was to scribble a name of someone she had profound love for.

Shauna scoffed at the pen the waiter had retrieved. For all she knew the pen was a trick pen, a voodoo pen or even a mind reading pen. She wrote down the name with her own pen. She was satisfied with that name because there was no way the waiter could guess it. She was certain the name wasn’t on her social media pages or her Wikipedia profile. The friend sitting across from her didn’t even know that name. The thing is, the psychic knew. He uttered the name after mere seconds with complete conviction that it couldn’t be any other name. Shauna had not believed in psychics for three decades and that night she did.

A week later she recounted this story to another friend who laughed so hard she had to reach out for her inhaler. After calming down she gave Shauna the loophole she didn’t see during the “psychic” session.

The waiter had researched on Shauna. He had noted that she was a creature of habit and that she would most probably stick to her favorite dessert of black coffee and cake. On top of that, Shauna liked bright places so she would pick a table where light illuminated brilliantly. He also knew she didn’t believe in psychics so he was betting on Shauna not offering him a seat at the table so that he would be left standing between the two friends. The speculation of him cheating her also allowed for him to convince Shauna that after jolting down the name on the white piece of paper, she should pass it across the table to her friend. The paper would have to go via him to reach her friend and Shauna not trusting the psychic to peek at it would turn it upside down to conceal the contents of the paper.

The white piece of paper was passed over the black coffee where the waiter was standing, he caught a glimpse of the reflected name.
After the end of the explanation, Shauna laughed so hard her friend almost have her an inhaler. She concluded that she had been wrong twice. Psychics were not scammers or real, they were simply ingenious.
The waiter/psychic was determined to make his craft a success and he did despite not having actual extraterrestrial powers. He found ways to be on top of his game.

Here are ways to always making sure you are improving your skills;

With the current generation, fishing and acquiring information from the internet is as easy as playing rock paper scissors (well except if you are like me and you have a mindset that rock defeats all).
Make use of Google and YouTube. Learn ways on how to go a notch higher in your craft.

If your niche is comedy look up fellow comedians in the field. Now I am not saying you steal their jokes, I am saying you should learn how they own their skill. Learn how they move the crowd by gesticulating their acts or actually interacting with them. Or how they select jokes according to that day’s audience. Associate with their struggles, see how they came up or are coming up in the industry.

Here is a joke; when a serial killer is chasing you, you are both running for your lives! Get it?

Perhaps you have a knack for numbers, to you numbers add up. Go online research on forex classes, learn to earn money from what you are good at. Cast your net on valuations, see the global money trends via the stock market exchange rates.

No matter what your skillset is, research always comes in handy. Make sure that you know everything there is to know in your field. This is how people get promoted, this is how people ace interviews. This is how you separate yourself from the mediocre lot.

Also it’s vital you look up the competition. Research on your competitors.
You being a ravishing success is only one click away. Stop hovering your thumb over the button and click. It’s about time you learn that rock doesn’t always win.

In every field there is an icon. Someone who is best known for achieving the impossible in their field. You might be repeating their mistakes incessantly without knowing it or even how to stop repeating them. Learn from these people, there is a reason literary information exists about them.

Icons don’t have to be old, ancestral or foreign. They can be family members, local celebrities, your neighbor, the mama mboga. Be keen to learn from everyone around you. Don’t dismiss information on account of someone’s status or failures. There is a lot to learn from everyone.
Don’t be afraid to seek advise or shadow a professional.
One of the local farmers in my area taught us that cool used tea leaves are good manure for floral crops. I am an Agriculture student and I had never heard of that.

Remember to share what you learn.

Having a reading culture can be very useful. You learn new vocabularies, improve your speaking skills and still gain knowledge. Whether it’s magazines, blogs, novels, online articles, newspapers or even twitter feeds; you will not be at a loss when you are done reading them.
The other day I was bragging about how well read I am when a friend of mine asked me if I have read certain books. He named at least 16 motivational autobiographies and business books, I hadn’t read even one.
Truth is, no one is ever well read. There are so many literary materials out there, keep reading.

Also stay on your toes by reading the current trends. All interviews revolve around history and now.

Positive Mind Set
Being positive in life does not mean you stop being realistic. It is possible to not be negative and to be factual at the same time.

I have met people who have hit a bump in their path and have decided to just quit. Rejection is usually the usual perpetrator. They have faced facts and decided there is no use of following a path that won’t amount to anything, wrong.

What they have done is entertain a negative mindset and now they are convinced they have to give up their dreams. The fact is, you can still go down your path, you just have to up your game.

A negative mindset is usually brought about by people around you. Hang around with people who keep using the words “never” and “impossible” and they will end up as a part of your vocabulary.

Learn to separate realism from optimism. People usually idealize things but never actualize them. You have a story in your head but you haven’t written it. You are fast and have strong limbs but you never go out to run. You feel immense incline to support vulnerable children but you haven’t stepped a foot in an orphanage.

You are optimistic that your dreams will come to pass but you never actualize them.

Venturing into new fields is hard. You may know that you can do something and do it well but you are scared since it’s not known to you. That is why most people are in their comfort zone because it feels warm and safe. You are scared to give up your wooly blanket in exchange for a flimsy sheet.

Opportunities are missed in life because we are afraid of trying. Try and fail then try again. Some try for the first time and it picks up, some take more time but they get there.

Improving your skills requires employing new unfamiliar tact. You are a chef who has been tenderizing meat with a pressure cooker but here is a meat tenderizer, it’s fast and efficient. There is nothing wrong with your pressure cooker but this other appliance is better.

Kahumburu Mutahi aka Kahu$h, Mutahi Kagwe’s son, has recently invented an automated Lighting and Motion Sensor System. He studied IT in the UK where he acquired some of the knowledge to achieve this. But apart from that, he is a fast rising rapper who is well known. He is also currently studying politics and international relations.

Despite all these fields being different, Mutahi tried them and he is still trying.

You still have time on your plate, don’t confine yourself in a bubble due to fear of trying.

There you go, five tips on improving your skillset!

Shauna’s waiter proved that research, trying, a positive mind set, icons and reading can boost your skillset. Have a knock at it and see the results.

Frank Lloyd Wright was asked, “Out of your many beautiful designs which one is your favorite?”

He said his next one.

Now can someone please teach me how to play rock paper scissors?

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