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‘I Work For Everything I Own’ Betty Kyallo

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Ex-K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo on Thursday September 3 made it crystal clear that she set up her business Flair by Betty or anything she owns, by herself!

While responding to a battalion of misconceptions about her, the mother of one affirmed that she worked for everything she owns and it’s because of her good relationship with her banks that she is where she is.

“Everything that I have, I work for it. The apartment, the land, everything I work for it. Let me tell you guys it’s not about having money, it’s about planning. Most of these things I have I get them because I have great relationships with my banks,” she told Pulse Live Kenya.

File image of former K24 news presenter Betty Kyallo. Source: Twitter

Betty went on to state that people believe she derives her bundles of cash from Budeskos (Sponsors) because they want to see her fall and urged any sponsor who has bought her anything to come out.

“They think BK ako na doo zimekaa kwa bank (has money in the bank), no. I take myself out there, introduce myself to people confidently to sell my dream to somebody I think might help and not a Budesko.

Most people out there just want to shun your dream, your success and pull you down by just saying huyu ako tu na mabudesko (she is just with sponsors). Let any sponsor who’s bought me anything come forward and say something coz they aren’t there,” said the former K24 news anchor.

She called on young girls not to be fooled that there is someone behind her current success and that it is out of pure hard work.

“I really work hard. Let me not lie to you girls, if you are seeing this and think BK has all this because she was a news anchor so everybody is throwing themselves at her, its not true.

Betty Kyallo during a trip to Maasai Mara on August 19. Source: Twitter

Don’t think BK is just getting her things coz she has a budesko, there’s no budesko who sponsored anything that I have now. It’s all about my hard work, persistence and confidence in approaching life head on and believing in myself,” added Betty Kyalo.

The Flair by Betty CEO revealed that other than financial help from her banks, her mother and her savings, the only people involved were friends who stood by her, the ones she could go to whenever she need small amounts of money.

“When I was building Flair, there are those friends who stood by me. I needed 50K and they are like I can only afford 20K and I’d take it. But there’s no one person who came in and said Betty what do you need. I had people who came and held my hand, helped me in one way or another. The sole financial help I got was from my contacts at the bank, my mum and my savings,” said Betty.

News anchor Betty Kyallo left K24 after a two-year stint at the CBD-based broadcaster, alongside a handful of Mediamax employees who were laid off as the media house reeled from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I really appreciated you all. It’s now time for me to say Goodbye here on K24 TV, if we meet again great, if not you know how you can find me on all my social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, Betty Kyallo lately its going to be popping and we are going to be doing great things there. Thank you so much for all your support I appreciate You God bless you and I love you. Good Night.” she revealed during her final show on May 30.

Betty Kyallo left K24 on Saturday May 30 after two years at the station. Source: File

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