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“I traveled with him, He proposed and I said YES” Winnie Mbesa

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You can get love anywhere and at whatever age, that’s the testimony of one Winnie Mbesa who has surprised members of Wonderlust Diaries on Facebook after sharing publicly how she found love from a member of the group saying “I traveled with him, he proposed and I said Yes”.

Here is what happened;

“Let me start by thanking whoever created this group because it’s though this flat form, I have found LOVE. I have been sharing my travel adventures, and he read every post including the most craziest of them all, The Gustavo story.

Well, like most gentlemen, he inboxed me, nikalenga. Ok… we both followed each other online, traveled virtually through our social media flat forms, and he became my number 1 fun. 3 months later, he did a trip to masai mara and shared on his wall some great photos of himself and his squad. My heart skipped a beat. I knew I wanted to travel with him. Some electric current struck me. His photo, this particular one, so my eyes can see cool hot stuff without glasses eh? damn! I called him snack.!

I had no idea that he was an actor. I mean, I am not a TV girl. I have never watched television since 2012 because I am always traveling. And immediatelly a conversation started that led to a date.

On our first date we met at Machakos Pizza hut. On a Sunday 4 pm. I showed up natually without any make up. We exchanged some pleasantries and within the first 5 minutes of our meeting a trip was fixed to the beach the following day. So soon eh? But for the love of travelling. I mean, he wanted to experience my crazy travel experiences. And so he proposed…. he asked me to take a road trip with him. And I said YES. Who am I to refuse such a magnificent offer? With a snack?

Our date lasted 50 minutes plus a large box of pizza. And I went shopping and packing my bikinis. Nothing stops me whenever I plan a trip to the beach. 6 pm I called my travel agency to do hotel reservation for me because I could not find any. Special thanks to BONFIRE ADVENTURES AND EVENTS for acting within a short notice to plan my vacation. Lemmy was that you? Plaza beach got me a standard room with sea view. What I had asked for.

The following Monday is our D-Day. And snack is picking me from Machakos at 6 am. I waited and waited! 7 am! 8 am! 9 am! 10 am! So I decided to call him and find out if our trip is still on. You see I was already prepared pschologically that I was goig to the beach. And I wanted to get there asap.

Snack says he would pick me 11 am. So I waited. 11:30 am no show. I gave up. Booked JamboJet and just before I paid, snack calls. And says we were ready to leave. Its noon. Mimi huyo mbio mbio….for sure he is there. With his small brother. He is dressed to obey the weather in Mombasa. Oh! And yes, He plays basket ball…🏀🏀

Our road trip begins. We make stop overs to stretch and take water… and yes, photos… snack and I are catching up so well. Like we have know each other for years. At Kibwezi we park by the road side to take photos… trucks drivers hooted and cheered us up because we are acting love birds… at Voi again we make a stop over, this time round I feel like dancing the JERUSALEMA SONG, and snack lets me do it. The rest of the safari is full of life and bliss…. we get to Mombasa at 8.30 pm and I guess that was the shortest journey to Mombasa I have ever had by road.

I check in to my hotel and I have to let snack and his brother go with a promise they would meet me the following day for Nyama choma and some drink! And of course, swimming by the beach.

My day 2 in Mombasa feels supper cool. Due to some reasons I am excited, I took some sea excursions and later snack joins me. The whole day is spend by the beach. My happy place. My home. That evening snack invites me for dinner. And after dinner he tells me he wants to talk to me….his face feels strange and there is some degree of seriousness from the tone of his voice. So I sit patiently to listen to him. And for the second time be proposed. He asked me to be his girlfriend, TO DATE HIM.

That statement cured my soul! Wow! For the first time since 2013, someone asked me to date him…guess what, I said YES…. Snack stood up, held my hand, gave me a tight warm hug, he pressed his manly chest against mine, and I could feel and count his heart beats ….He looked deep down in my eyes, and asked me again, called me by my name, “Winnie Mbesa, are you sure you wanna do this?” And I whispered in his ears, “I AM ALL YOURS” He pulled me close to him, and kissed me passionately for 4 good minutes in the dinning lounge. He called for attention and shouted across the entire hall for whoever cared, “hey guys, I got a girlfriend, she agreed to date me!” On top of his voice. Everyone clapped and cheered us. Words of congratulations and best wishes. Snack kissed me again….and whispered in my ears that He wants to travel The whole world with me.

You see, through wonderlust I found love. I fell in love with Antony Munyambu Makau. My fellow traveller, I fell in love with a gentleman who shares my dream and passion. My love for traveling. I look forward to more traveling with you Tony, for I am no longer a solo traveler, I found a traveling partner. To my travel Agency, Bonfire adventures, thanks for planning my trip within 3 hours…. Plaza beach Hotel, I will be back soon, because this is where I found love.

“I traveled with him, He proposed and I said YES” Winnie Mbesa

To travel is to live….. and to live is to love….. just do it. TRAVEL. Don’t even plan the trip, wake up and go…. Be on the move and love on the way.

Oh! And my skin is glowing 🤩🤩 and we travelled happily ever after for the entire whole week……

💖I AM IN LOVE💝” she posted.

254news.co.ke wishes the lovebirds the very best in life. May they travel the entire world.

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