I Remember You

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Perched on my housetop, dangling my feet noticeable all around and watching the sunset into the Ngong Hills. It seems like the large red ball were directly before me I feel its beam consume my skin, summoning such a sensation.

Is this the delight of being human? Being alive?

To the millions who couldn’t make it to see the nightfall. To the little girl who died by the GOVERNMENT’s bullet. To the young man that could not get to see his dreams. To the beautiful lady from the village whose ambition of being a doctor was cut short by Leukemia. To the warriors who lost it in a fight and whose little girl can’t comprehend why she won’t be going to the park with daddy over the weekend. I REMEMBER YOU. Your smiles even through pain, I remember. I remember George. Through your toughest times, you still looked out for us. George, you are overwhelming!

As I see the sun go down, I cannot help it but express gratitude toward God that I get the opportunity to see nightfall once more. I sit here struggling to believe that some people cannot see beautiful cars as I do. Some are unable to see the stars or the sunset as I do because their eyes are hopelessly clouded with tears. I remember you too.

Night clouds now take the place of the beautiful sun. I remember those who lives and families have seen the sun leave and darkness creep in. I remember those whose tranquility, peace and comfort are so elusive. I remember those that only know of one pool, that of hopelessness. I remember you.

I now behold the darkness of nightfall. I remember my scripture. It assures me of the joy that comes in the morning, though the sorrows may last for the night. I am also reminded of the age-old saying, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’. I may not promise you of absolute relief but take comfort in the reality that I remember you. I am headed into the house now, with one prayer; that we may all see the sun rise as it set a short while ago.

For each sunrise, for each sunset and ultimately for each spent day, I have reason to be grateful.

I remember you.

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