I am Selling my Kidney!

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Have you ever been so broke and out of things to sell, that you start thinking of harvesting and selling your own organs? Since the Corona nonsense started, I can’t say that I havent. As a matter of fact I am thinking about it as we speak. If there are people who have been affected by this menace of a virus, it is us, the small business people. I set up my electronic shop along Moi Avenue sometime in 2017 along Moi Avenue, and up until Covid-19, I had overcome every obstacle that had been thrown my way. I am talking exhobitant taxes by both the National and County Governments, and the wrath of the Nairobi business community whenever they feel like test the specific skill-set of Kenyan law enforcement. I am trying to tell you the University of Nairobi Students never ending strikes.
So I was reading some article about Denmark and Finland, and how these two countries have the highest per capita income records in the world. I wondered how and tried to think of one way I could wriggle myself out of this financial abyss I am currently sinking in. Don’t get me wrong, every once or twice in a day I manage to afford a meal, but that cannot be said of the other needs. I am sure many Kenyans share in my plight because my next door neighbor just got himself arrested just so the government could be responsible for him. I hadn’t eaten, so I didn’t have the strength to argue with him. Also he made so much sense. He explained that at Kodiaga Prison, he is assured of a meal and a bed, a criminal record apparently is a small price to pay.

I haven’t gotten to that point, but I see the vastness of his wisdom, our very own present day Solomon. The fact that, that is also his name cannot be a mere coincidence. So I got ideas for generating income for subsistence and sperm donation came to mind. I was excited for a minute before I remembered that we don’t have such facilities in Kenya, and also that because of biology, I am unable to donate enough to even pay my rent. We move nonetheless. Selling my kidney doesn’t sound so bad after all.

The medical expenses needed after the procedure are worse though, so no! I am not the kind to lose hope, I know it is quite dark for many of us right now, but that doesn’t mean that it will never shine on us. We just have to stay strong and be alive when the rain finally stops beating us. I have opted for the attitude and mentality of a phoenix, because I know for sure that although it may not seem like it right now, they will be different, a better kind of different tomorrow. Take heart breatheren endure the plight, but most importantly, be your friend’s keepers.

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