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How would you dress if you were on Chinese streets?

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How much attention do you pay to the outfit you wear while running errands? Say when going for shopping and random hangouts. Are you the extra type, the high heeled, cat eyed, dark eye shadow, fur coat and sunglasses type or the Tshirt and jeans-I- am-good-to-go-type? I cannot say I’m either since it really depends with my mood that day.

On days that I’m super psyched I go all out,all fancy and cute. On the other days, well let’s say I don’t mind being handsome.

Weeks ago the internet was filled with video compilations of Chinese street fashion that went viral. Mashed up prints,extreme eye makeup,neon streaked hair, traditional Japanese dresses you name it, turning the streets into a runway. Some people say it was staged,that they had stylists do all the work and make it look random. We cannot know for sure. But one thing that we can agree on is that street style has never looked so effortless and chic like it did with these compilations.

Even during this Covid times, fashion has a way of cheering us up. Everything about these videos is exciting— the sense of fashion, the attitudes displayed, the high-quality production, the K-Pop and Chinese hip-hop soundtracks (splendid choice I must say)… and of course, the novelty of seeing people in head-to-toe, capital-letter LOOKS at a time when many of us are spending our days at home in pajamas. 

I have always wanted to try the short plaid skirt and polo neck combination and this seemed like the best time to try it out, cant say I am disappointed. A leather jacket complements an outfit, making it pop. I also like the emo vibe of this outfit. Sure looks badass.

What would YOU wear if you were on the Chinese streets?

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