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How to style plaid skirts- 3 ways

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Sense of belonging, the reason people are willing to walk on fire, deal with all kinds of challenges just to prove that yes they do belong somewhere. What better way to crown ones identity than with a unique dress code. Most of us have read from our history books how different communities had different ways of dressing. Some communities like the maasais have upheld this tradition.

Plaids or tartan were used to describe the individual colors and patterns used to decorate the clothes of different Scottish clans. It was a symbol of the Jacobites and  Scottish culture in general . They were also used as cloaks for traveling during winter months because they were thick and could keep in body heat.

I remember the first time I wore a plaid skirt I was in primary school. It was long and barely fit my waist but my mother would not hear none of that. Since then I’ve always referred plaid pattern to school. The plaid material edition seems to have cropped back again.Kenya’s musician beyT in a matching plaid top and trouser.

Worn correctly plaid pieces can be very stylish. In recent years, plaid has had such a strong resurgence that in some places you would be hard-pressed to look around and not see at least one person wearing checked plaid. It is no longer a trend but a basic piece.

For the first way of styling a plaid skirt, I picked an asymmetrical skirt, paired it with a plain black T-shirt and added some pop of colour with the bag and belt. For shoes, I went for black stilettos. This outfit is good for casual hangouts and lazy weekends. However, it needs confidence. The skirt has so much going on, the plaid pattern, it has one pocket not to mention it being asymmetrical meaning it is long on one side and short on the other, too much drama.

For the second one, I picked a short plaid wrap skirt, paired it with a more feminine plain black top and white rubber shoes. This outfit is simple, looks playful at a glance. It is a perfect outfit for school. I would say this makes me more approachable that the first. The downside of this outfit, it’s already short and has that little slit at the front. One ought to make sure the knot at the side is tight enough for it not to fall off too.

I saved the best for the last. A short tight plaid skirt paired with a polo neck is timeless. The leather jacket, beret and glasses complement the outfit, making it pop. For shoes go for army boots. I like the emo vibe of this outfit. Sure looks badass. It would be my outfit of choice while going for a fashion event or concert. The downside of this outfit, the skirt’s length might be a challenge under some circumstances. This outfit can only be worn on few occasions.

If you were to choose a dress code that represents your family what would you choose?

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