How to rock basic outfit

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What’s a basic outfit according to you?

To some it’s the outfit they’ll wear during weekends, to others everyday is a basic outfit day especially right now with most of us indoors.

Well to me it’s the type of outfit that I’ll just get out of the shower and pick without much thought (especially if I’m in a hurry). I know we all have such days. Days you got to go somewhere and you almost forgot about it and you’re running super late so you grab whatever you can find and rush out. Then on your way you realize you in a red skirt and a tight top and you’re going for hiking. 

So what do you do? Go back home and change or buy new outfits on your way? What would you do if you were in such a scenario? 

To avoid such, arrange your closet according to the type of clothing. This makes it easier for you while picking an outfit. 

Okay let’s talk about rocking basic outfits. Stick to basic items like T- shirts, denim jackets, jeans and so on. You can add jewelry to spice up your look. 

The basic outfit is not to be worn for special occasions because nothing about it speaks special.

So on those  days in a week  you feel bored and not really in the mood for dressing up fancy your basic outfit will come to the rescue.

Pair your jeans with a T-shirt and voila. It’s effortless ,comfortable and offers room for creativity. 

I think T-shirts are underated. I mean what’s not to like about them since they are comfortable,you don’t have to worry about decency,they come with different prints on them, different sizes, different neck types, different colors so you can pick whichever pleases you. What else would you want?

Let’s not forget that nothing shouts casual like a basic outfit. 

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