How to Protect Your Feet from Effects of Exercise

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By Muchiri Machua

Rest your feet in high-impact routines
If you are constantly doing high-impact activities like running on hard surfaces and squat jumps, your feet will feel it. To protect your feet, make sure you take rest days and mix up your workouts with lower-impact options like cycling and yoga.

Wear the right trainers
You can have your gait professionally analyzed to ensure that your running shoes give you the right support to reduce the risk of injury, always make sure your shoes are correctly fitted.

Avoid sharing footgear
You can get fungal infections by wearing other people’s shoes as well as socks worn by another person, so it’s advisable to wear your own footgear to keep your feet healthy.

Always do simple stretching to your feet
There are simple stretches you can do to relieve tightness and soreness in the muscles of your feet, which will also help to lower the risk of serious foot injuries.

Always keep your feet clean and dry
You must make sure your feet are clean and dry from sweat after exercising, because fungal organisms love moisture, so drying thorough the wetness and sweat will make it much harder for them to thrive and will help to keep your feet healthy.

Always plan to see a doctor
Do not attempt to self treat painful foot woes. Allowing a doctor to take a look will help you prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Always find time to examine your feet
This will help you have a good look on the soles for any scaling and between your toes for peeling areas.

Don’t hide toenails with polish
Applying nail polish to an infected nail could make the problem worse.

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