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How to overcome being sexually frustrated

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Sexual frustration happens when one experiences dissatisfaction bracing from an inconsistency between a person’s desired and achieved sexual activity. This maybe caused by physical, mental, social, emotional and religious or spiritual impediment.

Also, sexual unsatisfaction during sex could lead to this. This happens because of premature ejaculation or even delayed ejaculation.

Discrepancy in libido could be another factor to be considered .

An individual lacking one or more of the organs needed for sexual release could be another reason to put under consideration. This happens when a male is born without a penis or is removed. Also, when a female’s clitoris is removed for cultural or medical reasons is another reason to be sexually frustrated.

With sexual frustration, it is something within us and we have at one point experienced it. With this lock down, most of us are away from our partners and feeling frustrated is now our normal form.

One tip off sexual frustration is that it impacts on our mental health as per GP Clare Marrison. This could lead to obsession about sex, anxiety, low mood, lack of self esteem, insomnia, irritability which are definitely not good for our mental health.

To be on the know-how, being away your partners and hardly making out leads to feeling sexually frustrated. This could also happen if you and your partner have different sexual desires. Not fully exploring one’s own desires and preferences but having sex regularly still counts to as being sexually frustrated.

To add on the above, one should remember that men, women and non-binary people have at one point experienced sexual frustration. No gender or partner wants sex more and easily gets frustrated, all have had an experience with sexual frustrations.

Sexual frustration being a modern type of frustration means that we actually looking into it. Its causes arises from physical, mental or emotional reasons as earlier on highlighted on.

Its normal to lose count on the day you last had sex. If you not experiencing dry spell anymore but a feeling of being in some drought loops in then chances are you getting to being sexually frustrated.

Many would question on the need to have sex. It is good to note that we need sex just as we need any other regular exercise. It is such good cardio which brings in health benefits such as reducing on stress thus improving on our immune system which hits on the increase on the level of serotonin and this is responsible for our happy moods.

Also, craving for sex doubles in as part of our basic instinct. In that its responsible for us to be able to continue our species.

All in all, sex in one way or another brings in happines. This means only one thing, you have every reason to enjoy it.

That pointed out, we need to be on the look out on the signs that you are sexually frustrated. We wouldn’t want you being imprisoned in your own body. These signs include;

You easily get annoyed

This is one a sign that is usually experienced by most people. In that due to sexual frustrations, your body responds differently to various simulations. Whereby, you easily get annoyed and hardly have any focus with you

With sexual frustrations, all of your daily stress is imprisoned in your body and this makes you more sensitive to everything. Most things now are so offensive yet before you found them funny.
Also, day dreaming maybe your daily dose. Your hardly up for concentration.


This happens when you keep fidgeting in bed for several hours when you actually are supposed to be sleeping. One hardly finds any sleep but just contemplating on different things.

This lack of sleep will cost you your job performance or even having quality time with friends and family.

Lack of sleep maybe due to the fact that your body is all energized because of lack of sex thus the need to get rid of this energy for you to fall asleep.

Hence it is equally correct to say that lack of sleep influences your mental health in such a bad way.

Fantasies on sex pop up but you not doing anything about it

Having fantasies about sex and actually having it have two different meanings. When you start having fantasies about the steamy activities but not practicing them is yet another sign to declare you sexually frustrated.

You want to experience it but then something prevents you. To some people, sex in their heads is way more appealing than actually having it thus reasons one doesn’t want to have sex. This could mean that one is not satisfied with their current sexual partner or has an effect from their past sexual experience.

This further explains reasons why one looks into all aspects of having sex and still refuse to do anything about it because you don’t want disappointments coming your way.

You lose interest on masturbation

This is yet another sign that you no longer interested in exploring your body as you used to because of one’s inability to enjoy stimuli due to the accumulated levels of stress within your body. You doing anything doesn’t get accompanied with the enjoyment you supposed to be having.

Zero satisfaction after sex

This problem may lie in either of the partners. No matter your decision to have sex, you hardly satisfied after.

Before making any conclusions, one should clock in with all the signs and not go around blaming their partners.

If you now sure that your partner is the cause of your misery, well talking out will help solve a lot of things. In that you keeping silent will cause bigger sexual frustrations.

Having an honest hearty conversation on this will help create a solution. Pretending to be enjoying it while you not will worsen things.

You don’t feel attractive enough

It is OK to note that one’s self image and confidence contributes a lot to their sex life. Low-self esteem has a way of messing with your life.
Self consciousness may arise usually if you on top and have a feeling that you added some extra pounds.

This may make you not to feel pretty enough or even desirable. Thoughts on how you don’t have what it takes to satisfy your significant other in bed creep in.

Well, after having a session on the signs of sexual frustration, one may realize that they actually are sexually frustrated or their partner is.
One should note that this doesn’t have to call in for any shame. These things do happen and we should not always be to blame.
There are things you can actually do right now and find the best solution to your problem and be back to enjoying great sex with your partner.

If you really want to get out of this a maze of sexual frustration, you ought to consider the following;

Have one to one honest conversation with your partner

This may seem an easy thing to carry out but when looked into deeply, finding the right words to express oneself on this is such a hard task.
This is because you don’t want to seem like you insulting your partner or making them feel less.

When having this talk, be sure not to pass blame since its not anyone’s fault.

Have it from a view that it is an obstacle in your relationship that you need to overcome. All you got to do is to be honest with your partner over how you feel.

Boost your sex drive

Sexual frustrations has a way it connects with low sex drive.
You need to kick this out, low sex drive, try out sex toys and buy lingerie.

Actually, there are some foods that help boost on your sex drive. These are; walnuts, avocados, berries, watermelon, saffron, coffee, almonds and even dark chocolate.

They are aphrodisiacs which contains lots of vitamins that are needed for a healthy sex drive. This in a way improves performance in bed.

It’s not all about increasing on the number of sexual encounters but an improvement on their quality.

Do regular exercise

Its no doubt that regular exercise has a lot of benefits.
For starters, it helps one get rid of all the negativities one may have accumulated thus easing on stress levels. With this, your sleep pattern improves for the better. You will now be able to fall asleep faster and you will no longer be easily annoyed or even day dreaming. You start enjoying reality .

Exercise helps boost sex drive and encourages one to have more sex in no time.

Exercise has a way of magically transforming your sex life. You being fit and healthy makes you to last longer in bed. You will have better sex positions and not just missionary type of person.

Have sex

Sex is sure fit for partners but then if you are single have one-night-syands but then be sure to use protection. This will in a way help explore on your eexuality without having to go through all the emotional gibberish more of jumbo jumbo.

If you are in a relationship, then get in the act with your significant other. Talk out with your partner on how you want it. This improves on your sex life a lot.

If your relationship is new, be sure that both if you are ready to have sex.

You should note that if you more of a long term relationship person before having sex than one-night-stands, then you ought to wait up to be comfortable to have sex that is if you single at the moment. You don’t have to force things as it may worsen it all.


Meditation is good medicine for anyone out there. It improves on your physical as well as mental abilities. It helps reduce stress and boosts on our sex drive thus making you want to have sex more.
This helps overcome mental barriers over your own self or even your sexual partner.

Start your day by meditating as it enables your body to absorb great aamounts of positive energy which improves one’s entire immune system.

Consult a sex therapist

Seeking help doesn’t kill. This is to say that it is correctly fine to seek help from a sex therapist. This is because they are specialized and have knowledge on how to get you out of this nightmare you are in. This means one thing; you don’t have to always feel down, solutions are way up, it’s just that you haven’t searched for help well enough. Visit a sex therapist with your partner in that this way the methods and consultations provided will be more efficient and helpful.

To wrap it all, sexual frustration can lead to depression in that the connection between these is undeniable. Some symptoms of depression can be manifested as secondary emotions of sexual frustration.

Also, some ways to deal with being sexually frustrated though not looked into in detail include; masturbation, trying video or phone sex with your partner, sexting,watching ethical porn and using sex toys .

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