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How to Lose Weight; Separating Facts From Fiction

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How to lose weight; separating facts from friction

How to lose weight; separating facts from friction

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One common trend that came with the Covid-19 pandemic was an increase in the number of people taking physical activity more seriously in a bid to shed off weight. While many people have proposed different ways on how to lose weight, it is important to separate facts from fiction.

First, there is no way of getting rid of that potbelly overnight. Just like it took time to get it, it will take even more time to get rid of it. Unfortunately, shortcuts like herbal medicines do not work. It takes hard work, patience and perseverance.

Embrace Workouts not shortcuts to achieve this result

In order to shed off the excess fat in your adipose tissue, two things are key; diet and exercise. Diet is probably one of the most overlooked aspect of how to lose weight. We forget that we built up fat from our eating habits.

First, it is important for one to avoid carbohydrates which provide large quantities of energy.

Our bodies do not have a mechanism of storing carbohydrates, so when we take excess carbohydrates which cannot all be consumed by the body, they are converted into fats and stored in the adipose tissue.

When one is physically inactive, the body does not utilize these stored fats. Rather, the fats continue to build up in the adipose tissue and around some organs in the body.

Nutritionists recommend that we do away with junk foods and foods with a lot of fat as well as reduce the intake of high energy carbohydrates like maize flour and wheat. In place of these carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates like arrow roots and sweet potatoes are recommended though in controlled quantities.

Take time and workout

It is also important to do away with soft drinks like sodas and processed juices. These usually contain very high quantity of sugars which cannot be utilized by the body hence most are converted to fats for storage.

Do not be lied to that fructose sugar is better than glucose. As a matter of fact, fructose sugar found in fruits and soft drinks is worse. While the body breaks down glucose to produce energy, the same does not happen to fructose.

Fructose itself is preferentially converted to fats rather than being broken down to yield energy.

The most common excuse people give for taking lots of carbohydrates is that they need the energy. This is just an excuse because when the body lacks carbohydrates to produce energy, it has a unique pathway of converting proteins and fats to yield energy.

In fact, when fats are broken down in the body, they yield more energy compared to equal number of carbohydrate molecules.

After working on your diet, it is important to note that physical activity is very important in utilizing the energy-rich foods you consume as well as shedding off the excess fats built up when energy-rich foods are stored by the body.

Train hard

Experts recommend weight exercises, hypertrophy workout and resistance training to help burn fat and build muscles. These include deadlift, bench press squats, plank holds, sit-ups.

It is also recommended for one to do cardio exercises and aerobic workouts.

The results of these are never instant. It takes persistence and commitment for one to achieve the desired results.