How to Embrace the Official Tom Boy Dress

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So who is a tomboy? How do you identify a tom boy ? Would you mind if your daughter, friend was a tom boy?

It’s is a girl who enjoys activities associated with boys. It was originally used to refer to immodest women. Women that dressed or behaved in a “peculiar” way. They faced rejection from the community and were often heavily punished.

Remember when women were inferior to men and kitchen was their place. They were not to talk unless spoken to, formal education was a male’s thing too and not to forget anything other than a long, decent dress was unacceptable for women’s clothing. There was no room for creativity. 

Times have changed now but not that much especially for the girls that dress like boys. People judge them harshly and although they are not banished from the community their lives aren’t those to envy.

What’s the first thing that comes in mind when you see a tom boy? Are there rules of dressing? Can they be changed? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just curious. Remember a time when women weren’t supposed to wear pants at all? All that is in the past now (although in some communities it’s still not allowed)

More often than not tomboys are viewed as people who are not interested in fashion, beauty or style. People that have taken the freedom of dressing too far. People trying to be someone they are not by dressing in a certain way.

It’s quite unfortunate people think that every tomboy is gay. I know chances are high she is but still. What happened to getting to know people? I mean its just a way of dressing right?

A while back I was reading an article. Men were asked if they’d approach a tomboy. Most people said they wouldn’t with reasons like, “why would I waste my time and I know she’s lesbian?” “She looks more of a man than I am” (he clearly is one insecure man). “he doesn’t look submissive.” The ones that said they would give reasons like, “tomboys are decent”, “they look serious about life and have that don’t care attitude which is completely attractive.”

Next time you feel like exploring your freedom of dressing try the tomboy look.

How to embrace the official tomboy style 

It might be for an interview or just for fun (Nothing about this look screams party). 

Okay let’s get into it;

1. Grab a tie. 

2 . Choose a plain colour for the shirt.

3. Get fitting pants with a fitting blazer preferably of the same colour.

4 If you have a half coat well and good.

5 . Go for official shoes (brown or black will do the trick).

The hat just complements the look. 

And that’s it, you are good to go. People will stare no kidding, you have to be self confident to pull off such a look. 

“Clothing has no gender .What we wear doesn’t define our gender or sexuality .Your identity is your own. Whether in a suit or dress your identity is just as valid.

~ Liberaljane.

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