How to dress according to your body shape

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The one thing I have learnt during my years working as a fashion blogger is that most women are really very clueless when it comes to how they should dress their bodies. They know the latest trends and the kind of dress they want, the fabric the colour right down to the shade of the sequins. However, most of them are happily unaware of the most integral detail: their body shape.

I have spent endless hours explaining to some of my friends why a particular outfit is just wrong for their body or that particular function. While some will say, “I am thin. I can carry off anything!” the others will say, “But this looked great on Joy Kendi and my body is similar to hers!”Yes, you are thin, and yes, you have a “similar” body to a runway model, but that alone is not enough to decide if a specific outfit is apt for your body shape or not.

If you still don’t know what your body shape is you can either try every outfit to see if it fits or simply learn what your actual shape is. I prefer the latter.

Keep in mind that body shape is not the same as body size. Body size is an individual’s body measurement while body shape is defined mainly by the distribution of muscles and fat.

The purpose of knowing your shape is to make sure the dresses we choose to sit beautifully and proportionately (or according to your body proportions) and enhance your looks for an even better looking silhouette. Short, tall, slender, curvy, etc., do not determine your body type, the body parts do. Since all of us almost have a distinct shape, yet (our bodies) fall under bigger buckets that we need to delve into this a little.

Okay with that said, there are 4 body shapes which include hourglass, apple,rectangle and pear.

1. Hourglass

Your styling goal is to flaunt your waist. Invest on bodcons, waist defined tops and jackets,belts, wrap tops and dresses.

Avoid low waisted jeans,tops with ruffles and high necklines.

2. Pear body shape.

Characterized by rounded bottom and well defined waist. The lower body is wider than the upper body. Your styling goal is to add volume to your shoulders. Invest in shoulder bags, high waisted pants and skirts. Avoid bags tops, low slung belts and tube skirts.

3. Apple body shape.

Characterized by a bigger bust size as compared to the rest of the body and narrow hips. The styling goal here is to draw attention to your legs and create an illusion of a waist.

Invest in straight leg jeans, dangly earrings and slightly flared bottom. Avoid bodcons, high waisted pants and skirts and ruffled skirts too.

4. Rectangle body shape.

This shape is characterized by a small bust, undefined waist and straight hips. The styling goal here is to create an illusion of curves. Invest in skinny jeans, cropped pants and tops and dresses with collars.

Avoid crop tops, slouchy blazers and jackets and straight dresses and skirts.

What’s your body shape? Have you been dressing it appropriately?



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