How Raila Sanitized Troubled Waiguru

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The 2017 elections in Kenya are quite historical. We all remember how contested it was between the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s NASA coalition and the incumbent jubilee led by the president of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his deputy Dr William Ruto. Many things are memorable about that election, the nullification by the supreme Court of Kenya being the leading feature. That is however not all because the circumstances and events that culminated to the debacle, all erupted during the campaign period, and remain entrenched in the minds of Kenyans a significant of whom were impressed by the then, new judiciary.

Well the judiciary was not exactly new, but its leadership was. The former chief justice honorable Willy Mutunga having prematurely retired to give room for the current president of the Supreme Court of Kenya. Kenya being the ethnically charged nation it is, and has been witnessed in literally every election that has been held in Kenya since multiple political parties were made legal.

People voted along tribal lines. Many who clinched the seats they were vying for won because of the parties they stood in, save for a few who had won the hearts of the electorate who won regardless of the parties they registered their candidature under. Kirinyaga was specifically a hotspot where two alpha females were competing for the top seat in the county, the Governor, Kirinyaga County.

Tales were told and fake news was circulated in bid to woe voters but one had the most damage, one that would see the current Kirinyaga county Governor Anne Waiguru floor the former Gichugu member of parliament Hon. Martha Karua. It didn’t come as a surprise considering the latter was vying through her NARC Kenya party which had categorically indicated that it would be indipendent and will not let itself be affiliated to the Jubilee coalition between Ruto’s URP, The Party of National Alliance and others. Jubilee was seriously favoured and anyone who dared to sing a different hymnal in central region was cantakorously dealt with in the words of Babu Owino (current Embakassi East Member of Parliament). At the time, Karua’s indifference towards jubilee was seen as resistance towards Uhuru’s presidency and that drew blood. The Kirinyaga County electorate deliberately chose to ignore the demons that had previously haunted Anne Waiguru and the fact that she had been involved in multiple National Youth Service(NYS) Scandals that had cost Kenyans millions of shillings, perhaps billions even.

In that spate of defiance, Kirinyaga voted for the irreputable Anne Waiguru to spite the NASA coalition boss the retired prime minister Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. Barely two and a half years into her term, as fate would have it, a storm brew over Kirinyaga skies and the cloud being Waiguru’s impeachment motion. Guess who came to her rescue, Baba. Perhaps to show Kirinyaga who is the actual boss. Everyone has their perception of Waiguru’s guilt or lack thereof but one thing remains unshaken, wacheni Baba aitwe Baba.

The same Siaya County Senator James Orengo, also known as the walking constitution who cautioned Kenyans about Waiguru was present in the senate to do what he does best; to profess the faith of Railaism and once again saved Waiguru’s neck from the guillotine set by Kirinyaga MCAs who in fury voted to impeach the governor. Indeed Orengo cautioned Kenyans against the leaders they vote in and that the very government they had so much faith in would one day eat them. Unknown to many, Bob was warning us against the same characters he would one day defend, as a lawyer. Perhaps the people of Kirinyaga have learnt their lesson with the newly found situationship between Baba and Waiguru. In the words of Uanshin Gishu governor Mandago there are no permanent enemies in politics.

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