How Much Do You Actually Know About Condoms?

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By Muchiri Machua

They are very old
They have been around for ages. According to Planned Parenthood, the first condom was depicted on a wall in France approximately 12,000 – 15000 years ago.

The oldest condoms were made of pig’s intestine
An Austrian museum still has the world’s oldest surviving condom, which was made in 1640. It’s a Swedish condom made of pig’s intestine.

They can be damaged in a wallet
Storing condoms in a wallet can lead to damage due to heat and friction.

Valentine’s day is a National condom day
Data shows that around 87 condoms are used per second on 14th February. The data surely gives this day its second name, that is, National Condom Day.

They should always be stored in cool, dry place
Both male and female condoms should be kept in cool and dry places that won’t cause excess heat or friction.

Soldiers used condoms to protect rifles from rusting
The legit rifles used for wars were protected from rusting using condoms. This method was devised in the Second World War.
It’s the most accessible form of birth control
Its very cheap and also it worthy.

They also lead to pleasurable sex
Despite the misinformation floating around, condoms don’t necessarily mean that sex is bad or awkward. In a study those who use condoms feel their experiences are just as pleasurable as people who don’t.

They drastically protect against sexually transmitted diseases
They are the most efficient safe sex tools. It makes sex 10,000 times safer.

Male and female condoms don’t go together
No need to use a male condom with a female condom, it can result to tearing.

Most teens use condoms on their first time
In a report, it says that 68% of women and 82% of men use a condom on their first time having sex. So condoms are, for the most part, a standard safe sex practice among first timers.

There is no medical reason not to use a condom
People will allergies can use them.

They are tested by electric current
Manufacturers uses electric charges through condoms to spot any holes or tears.

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