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How Kikuyu Families Defraud Their Widows

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Many have stereotyped kikuyu community of having high appetite for money. Many deaths have been attributed to this menace.

According to Kameme FM, there is some truth in the stereotype and something should be done. In a discussion yesterday entitled, “How parents (father’s) and siblings salivate for your (men’s) wealth when you are healthy and doing well” the presenters gave chronological accounts on how parents majorly fathers and male siblings plan for their wealthy son’s property when they are still alive and kicking.

They said a kikuyu father will come visiting in your palatial home, take a walk at your retirement home, visit your yard of sleek automobiles, walk around the house to spot valuable asset while he is imagining is your demice so that he can kick out your wife and take it all.

The same trait is also common with kikuyu women who would even scheme to end your life to inherit your property.

These defrauders will wait until…

“You get admitted to hospital and within 5 hours your brother comes and swindles your wife to give him the car keys to run your errands. Your naive and confused wife hands over the keys and next stop is Kamakis for nyama choma and beer. You can die if you wish.

“Should you unfortunately pass on, your wife will never see that car again. It becomes the subject of fights between your brother and your father each demanding to have it.

“Your other siblings bring in another woman with a child and cheat to your wife that the two are your “other family” and the only ones they recognize.

“They even go further to put a narrative that you are not the biological father to your wife’s children. In just 6 months your wife and children are in the streets, bitter, frustrated, hopeless and wasted as your father and your siblings ponda your mali, just because your wife couldn’t put up a fight.” Reveals one Thuku on social media.

“Sounds like fiction and imaginary but just think about it right now, what is the relationship between your wife on one side and your parents and siblings on the other side, in terms of your family properties. What would happen to your wife and children if we laid you to rest next Friday?” Paused one Thuku

Think about writing a will as soon as you make it in life.

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