How Kenyans can prevent spike of infections after reopening

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The lifting of the restrictions that had been instituted to curb the spread of COVID 19 is now imminent as per the president’s sentiments. However, the infections are now over five thousand and the rate of infections in not checked will spike once inter-county movements will be given greenlight. The domestic flights as well are set to be reopened.

The government and the public should put a concerted effort to ensure that reopening does not result to strain to healthcare as a result sporadic increase in infections. The states like Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona in United states are experiencing the second wave of the new infections after reopening resulted to new cases.

The Kenyan president himself admitted that the reopening should be cautious process tp avoid the second wave and in the long run flatten the curve. Here are ways we can prevent reinfection and second wave after reopening;

Avoid non-essential crowded places if you can

There is essential need to the public places like markets for grocery and there are non-essential like parties. Avoid non-essential public places as they are the major focal point of the infection if handful of participants are infected. There is little observance of social distance in parties and potentially could lead to higher rates of infections.Maintain social distance in public

These are extraordinary times unlike before we could do as many handshakes, hugs, chats as we can. Now is the time to maintain significant distance with other individuals in public places to prevent the potential of spreading virus from one person to another.

Wear mask in public

Wear your mask in public places, markets, grocery stores, public transport and so on so as to prevent the potential spread of virus through spitting by other individuals who may be infected. The infectious disease germs can also last in air for over 2 hours and mask can prevent any contact with it by safeguarding the mouth and nose.

Wash hands regularly, sanitize

In public you may come to surfaces which has the viruses hence the need to wash hands regularly with a soap which will effectively kill the germs. Washing hands and maintaining high level of hygiene prevent not only COVID 19 but other lifestyle infections like Flu.

Avoid touching MEN (Mouth, eyes and nose)

Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth at any time during the day as the hands may be having germs and touching these body parts will effectively spread the infectious disease to your body.

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