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How Far Are People Willing To Go With Tattoos?

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Growing up tattoos fascinated me. The type that sure, it looks good on someone else but I wouldn’t try it. Why would I subject my body to all that pain for something that’s permanent. I change my mind a lot; so what happens when I wake up one day and I don’t want a dragon tattoo on my back since I can’t just scrab it off? There’s a whole procedure for that, which is quite expensive if I may add.

Picture this, it’s a bright early morning, you have not had your coffee yet. The errand boy is late again. A couple of interviewees are sitted chattering loudly outside your office for the position of a secretary. The first interviewee knocks calmly on your door, it’s not fully closed.” Come in”, you answer. He walks in confidently, head high and in a well fitting black suit. As he stretches his hand for a handshake you see his tattoos, one is behind his left ear while the other is on his neck. Would you give him the job if he aced the interview?

In one of the interviews Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.”

Our current society craves individuality and self expression. Expressions of independence,artistic freedom just to mention but a few. The most common reasons why people get tattoos include peer pressure, a replacement of another addiction, curiosity, attention, a craving for belonging (an example is how members of the same gang get the same tattoo for easy identification. It is also a way to prove gang loyalty), in remembrance of a loved one or source of daily motivation.

First impressions carry too much weight. Are you willing to take the chance and have people judge you continuously for having tattoos?

“He’ll never get a corporate job”

“He looks shady”

“She is loose.”

Asked, most people do not have tattoos. The reason ranging from fear of disapproval from family, incurring negative views from the public, fear of needles and pain to cultural and social factors. Those against tattoos view people with tattoos as showoffs, evil, rebellious, outrageous and society deviants.

Those for the idea view people with tattoos as attractive, free spirited, adventurous, strong and courageous. There are highly educated individuals with tattoos.

Then there is the neutral ones. Those that accept tattoos but under certain conditions. Conditions like where the tattoo is located, size of the tattoo and any sentimental meaning attached to the tattoo(s).

Ever heard of tattoo mistakes? They are quite common. Getting cheap tattoos from inexperienced artists. Talk of cheap being expensive. I know we have different ways of expressing love to the ones we love but why would you have your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s name tattooed on you. Anyway that’s a story for another day.

In Kenya, some of the celebrities with tattoos include Adelle Onyango who has four of them. One on her left arm that reads,” God dwells within me, as me”, a star, “evolving” and her name “Anyango”. Victoria Kimani has one on her right arm of the arm of Africa as prove of her love for the continent.

A few weeks ago the pictures of 6ix9ine look alike surfaced online. He has tattoos covering his body resembling those of Tekashi, an American rapper, singer and convicted felon.

Would you be for the idea of covering your whole body in tattoos? Or better still, how far are you willing to go if the topic of discussion is celebrity worship syndrome (CWS)?

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